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Best Buy Case Study

Best Buy Case Study

Critical Thinking & Case Analysis

This case embraces a formal critical thinking approach in case development. There is clear evidence that critical thinking skills are a necessary prerequisite to effective decision making in business today generally, and in marketing specifically. However, don't just take our word for it. Mr. Matt Smith, (former) Vice President of CRM at Best Buy, specifically addressed the important of critical thinking skills generally as well as specifically to Best Buy's competitive environment.


The term "critical thinking" is often thrown about in education and business practice as if everyone seems to understand what it means. However, our experience is that this could not be further from the truth in both environments! It turns out that there exists a thoughtful and commensurable literature about critical thinking that can inform our approach in this case in a formal sense, as well as in our decision making in business environments.

The following 34-minute video provides a very brief introduction to critical thinking vis-a-vis this case. Please consider viewing this video in its entirety as mandatory prior to beginning this case analysis . Please carefully attend to this video and bookmark the recommended sites within the video. Assessment of your performance with this case will be based entirely on critical thinking criteria. Please feel free to address specific questions to your course instructor.


 Finished carefully viewing this introductory video to critical thinking? Ok, now let's move on to the Best Buy case. Best of luck grappling with this exciting, real world, and rapidly evolving business problem for retail marketers today!

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