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Transition Seminar Speakers

Business Week Transition Seminar Topics

2018/19 Transition Seminars

Intercultural Relations (International Business) SFHB 145 37 People: Thinking globally and acting locally is more than just a slogan. International Business alums will share how their global perspective affects business and life decision making. Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and embracing short term solutions with long term effects are some examples of how global thinking enriches business decisions.

No debt about it (Personal Finance) SFHB 131 40 People: Student Loans, Car payments, credit card bills, rent: How in the world does a 20-something person handle all these expenses while also investing in their future? Financial Experts will be able to guide you on how to not only have fun with your money, but also make sure you are prepared for the long haul.

Incorporating it all (Balance Social and Work Life) SFHB 356 40 People: 24 hours seems like a lot until you are trying to balance work, school, family, friends, working out, hobbies, and sleep. Many times, individuals feel like they need to sacrifice activities in order to incorporate time to work enough hours in the week. Professionals will be discussing their tactics to schedule enough time to achieve work standards along with satisfying personal needs.

What’s Next? (What to Expect After College) SFHB 149 40 People: You’ve just four years to achieve your degree, Congratulations! But now this new chapter in your life might have you thinking, what’s next? Debunk the mystery. Recent ISU Alumni are here to share their experiences on life after college and give you the inside scoop on what you can expect after getting your degree.

Landing the Dream Job (Networking) SFHB 139 40 People: Networking has a more critical role today in finding jobs than ever before. With so many different strategies for networking, it's sometimes hard to find the one that works best for you. Come listen to Human Resource staff as they share advice on what you can do to today to help yourself network and get in contact with the right people for your future.

Managing Diversity (Diversity) SFHB 135 37 People: Many companies are now seeking for diverse individuals to complete their needs. But there are two problems that arise when hiring diverse individuals. First, how do we know what counts as diversity? Secondly, how do we include these diverse individuals to feel important? Diversity goes beyond surface features and includes goals, values and personalities. Come find out how you are counted as a diverse individual and what you can do to include others.


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