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Transition Seminar Speakers

Business Week 2017 Transition Seminar Topics

Transition Seminar Topics

Embracing Global Citizenship  |  SFHB 148

Thinking globally and acting locally is more than just a slogan.  IB alums will share how their global perspective affects business and life decision making.  Corporate social responsibility, sustainability and embracing short term solutions with long term effects are some examples of how global thinking enriches business decisions.

Pursue Your Passion  |  SFHB 149

Interested in turning your passion into a career?  Love the idea of being your own boss?  Learn from young entrepreneurs on how they were able to make a name for themselves and make money while they did it.

Advice You Can Bank On  |  SFHB 150

Student loans, car payments, credit card bills, rent.  How in the world does a 20-something year old handle all these expenses while always investing in their future?  Financial experts will be able to guide you on how to not only have fun with your money, but also make sure you are prepared for the long haul.

Work Hard, Play Hard  |  SFHB 354

Worried you are going to be stuck in a 9-5 job the rest of your life?  Have to drive to make a name for yourself in a competitive work environment.  Hear from young professionals who were able to move up quickly on the corporate ladder to a meaningful career.

Refining the Limits  |  SFHB 355

The world is becoming smaller because of technology. How does ever-changing technology affect the business world? Find out by engaging with business professionals who work with technology every day.

Building Your Brand  |  SFHB 367

Social media is taking off, not only in our personal lives but also for the success of companies. Learn how social media is playing a crucial role in the marketing and promotion of a company.

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