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Stephen Goodwin

Professor Emeriti
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Current Courses

230Introduction To Marketing Management

PhD Business Administration/ Marketing

The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

MBA Marketing

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Amherst, MA

BA Administrative Sciences; Mathematics

Colby College
Waterville, ME

Other College Preparatory Track

Waldoboro High School
Waldoboro, ME

University Outstanding Service Award

Illinois State University

Conference Proceeding

Goodwin, S. 'The Concept and Measurement of Perceived Risk: A Marketing Application in the Context of the New Product Development Process'. American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences 16.1 (2009): 9 pages.
Bakir, A., & Goodwin, S. Impact of Ethnicity, Gender and Age on Young American Children's Attitudes Toward Materialism: A Quasi-Experiment. American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences XIV (2007): 144-148.
Bakir, A., Goodwin, S., & Singh, T. Children's Attitude Toward Materialism: Differences Associated with Gender and Age of Young Children in the United States. Cross Cultural Marketing Conference (2006)
Salegna, G., & Goodwin, S. Customer Loyalty to Service Providers. Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) 37 (2006): 8221-8226.
Bakir-Blodgett, A., & Goodwin, S. Television Commercials Targeted to Young Children: A Multi-Country Content Analysis. Cross Cultural Marketing Conference (2005)

Journal Article

Taylor, S., Goodwin, S., Melton, H., & Hunter, G. "An Analysis of the Student Course Engagement Questionnaire (SCEQ) in Large-Section Marketing Principles Classes,". Journal of Excellence in College Teaching 22.1 (2011): 29-57.
Taylor, S., Hunter, G., Melton, H., & Goodwin, S. "Student Engagement and Marketing Classes". Journal Of Marketing Education 33.1 (2011): 73-92.
Salegna, G., & Goodwin, S. 'A Framework for Identifying and Determining the Value of Truly Loyal Customers to Service Providers in a B2C Context,'. Journal of Global Business Management 5.2 (2009): pp. 199-208.
Salegna, G., & Goodwin, S. Service Provider Loyalty:   A Framework and Managerial Implications for B2C Organizations. Journal of Global Business Management 4.2 (2008): 29-38.
Celuch, K., Goodwin, S., & Taylor, S. Understanding Small Scale Industrial User Internet Purchase and Information Management Intentions: A Test of Two Attitude Models. Industrial Marketing Management 36 (2007): 109-120.


"Guidelines for Publishing Articles in the Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior: Do's and Don'ts,". Marketing Management Association Fall Conference. (2012)
"A Qualitative Investigation of Student Engagement at ISU". CTLT Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Community of Scholars Symposium. (2009)
"Preparing to Teach Online: Lessons Learned in the College of Business". CTLT Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Community of Scholars Symposium. (2009)
Integrating Marketing and Accounting in the Introduction to Marketing Management Course. Illinois State University's 6th Annual University-Wide Symposium on Teaching and Learning-- 'Making Connections: Fostering Integration of Learning'. (2006)
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"The Relative Communications-Effectiveness of French versus English in Headlines of Print Advertisements for French Named Brands Promoted in the United States: An Experiment,". [Northeast] American Institute for Decision Sciences (AIDS). (1984)

Grants & Contracts

ISU URG. ISU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Illinois State University. (2007)
ISU URG. ISU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Illinois State University. (2003)
ISU URG. ISU Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Illinois State University. (2001)
Nationwide Field Experiment, Bus-to-Bus Context. Caterpillar Corporation. (2001)
Opportunities to Assist Professional Independent Insurance Agents through research projects and educational programs. ISU Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services. Illinois State University. (2001)
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