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Refereed Article Award

The Article Award program is an automatic award made when tenure/tenure-track faculty turn in proof of acceptance or publication of a refereed journal article. The award is for $600 and is prorated by the number of authors.

There are only two restrictions on the award:

  • First, the article must appear in a peer-reviewed journal. Second, when an individual faculty member reaches $1000 in a given fiscal year we may ask that they hold future articles until the next year.
  • Beyond that, all faculty need to do is to submit the published article or the in-press manuscript with acceptance letter, and the award is made.


Awards can be used in the following budget categories:

  • Travel
  • Commodities: Books, small supplies, etc. - less than $100
  • Contractual: Journal subscriptions, professional membership, dues, registration at professional meetings and seminars

If you have needs that are not covered by the categories listed above, please contact COB Research Director. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests. Please note that any commodity-type expenditure exceeding $100 is considered equipment.

As such, the college may not be able to reimburse for such an expense in every case.  Since very limited equipment funds may be available, such requests must be made in writing before December 15 to be considered for inclusion in the fiscal year allocation.

Access to Resources

Please talk with the research director first before incurring any expenses. Some types of expenditures are not covered in the Refereed Article budget, and we do not want to have to give you the bad news that you can not be reimbursed! After the initial conferral with the Research Office, you may ask us to directly pay for items that you wish to purchase, or you may bring in your receipts for reimbursement to you. University and State procedures on the latter are rather rigid, so please keep careful records.

Please note that reimbursements have to be made in the same fiscal year when the expense is incurred (before July 1). After July 1, we will not be able to reimburse you.  Therefore, May 15 is established as the deadline for submission of reimbursement requests.  Please submit your requests as early as you can before the deadline. 

Also, if you expect to incur expenses between May 15 and July 1 for which you plan to submit reimbursement requests, you will need to advise the research director ahead of time so that funds are set aside for those items. 

You are strongly encouraged to gradually use your Refereed Article funds and not to accumulate a large balance (e.g., over $1000). Please be advised that if you submit requests for very large reimbursements in one year, funds may not be available to cover the whole amount even if your account balance is sufficient.

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