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COB Seed Money Grant Program

The Seed Money Grant Program was first introduced in the 1985-86 academic year. It provides funds to support tenure / tenure-track faculty who are undertaking a new research project or entering a new stage of a continuing project.

The objective of the program is to assist faculty in research that will eventually result in refereed articles and / or submission of research grants to external funding agencies / foundations.

Submission Guidelines

Faculty complete a brief form which asks for project title, a brief description of the project (one paragraph), and a description of the needed funds (a copy of the request form is enclosed). The only restriction on this program is that the awards are limited to approximately $500.

The College Research Coordinator reviews the request and determines the award. The maximum amount of grant request is approximately $500. You may request funds from the following budget categories:

  • Contractual (Software, purchased data bases, etc.)
  • Printing (Photocopies, letterhead envelopes, return envelopes)
  • Commodities (Office supplies, diskettes, educational materials)
  • Travel
  • Postage
  • Student Help (limited funds available)

It is important to assign a priority to each budget request, because later in the year funds may become scarce. The priority you assign to each item should reflect the importance of that budget item for completing the proposed research project.

All applications should be submitted to the COB Research Director. Except under unusual circumstances, you will be notified within two weeks whether your request can be supported.


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