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URG Program
University Research Grants


This competitive grant program is intended to encourage faculty to initiate and extend a long-term research agenda that leads to publication in refereed journals and/or application for external funding. Proposals are submitted in the fall for review in either the Grant-Development or the Research Development categories.

Grant Development proposals are designed to develop significant research programs that have high probability of acquiring external funding and/or complement awards obtained from an external funding agency. Research Development proposals are designed to support quality scholarly undertakings that are deemed important to the discipline and likely to lead to publications in refereed journals, but not necessarily designed to directly pursue external support.


All faculty on tenure track appointments are eligible to participate. However, after a faculty member has received three Research Development scholarship grants, he/she must apply for a Grant Development grant or show evidence of a proposal submission to an external funding agency before being eligible to apply for another Research Development grant. A faculty member may submit only one single or co-authored proposal in one year. If awarded a grant, the faculty member will be asked to report the professional outcomes of the research project to the College of Business Research Office approximately one year after the award. Failure to file this report will make the faculty member ineligible for a URG award in the following year


Faculty are informed of the University Research Grant Program, application guidelines, and submission deadline in early January. Proposals will be due in department offices sometime in early March.  Ordinarily, the College will announce the URG awards and notify the recipient by May.  Faculty will receive their URG award dollars after July 1. URG recipients will be asked to report the professional outcomes of their grants and verify completion of their research projects by October 1 of the year following the grant award.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated and ranked at the departmental and college levels. Proposals in each category will be evaluated on different sets of criteria. Research Development proposals will be judged primarily based on the proposal's quality and the author's record of scholarly productivity. For Grant Development Proposals, the proposal's funding potential and the author's past record of external funding also will be considered. In addition, the weights assigned to various evaluative criteria will differ depending upon whether the author is a continuing or new faculty member (i.e., in the first four years in a tenure-track position). A relatively larger weight will be placed on the continuing faculty's past record of scholarly productivity.

Budget Request

The maximum budget request is $4,500 for a single-authored proposal, or $9,000 for a proposal with multiple authors. When funds are available, the College may provide supplemental summer salary in further support of faculty research projects. The salary and expense support are requested on a fiscal year basis. Most faculty choose to receive the salary in the summer months in lieu of teaching.

2019-2020 College of Business Research Fellowship and the University Research Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Aysen Bakir, Department of Marketing
  • Dr. Mona Bahl, Department of Management and Quantitative Methods
  • Dr. Avi Datta, Department of Management and Quantitative Methods
  • Dr. Nathan Hartman, Department of Management and Quantitative Methods
  • Dr. Arash Hosseinzadeh, Department of Marketing
  • Dr. Sandeep Jagani, Department of Management and Quantitative Methods
  • Dr. Joseph Johnston, Department of Accounting
  • Dr. Vladimir Kotomin, Department of Finance, Insurance, and Law
  • Dr. Juno Lim, Department of Marketing
  • Dr. Yongmei Liu, Department of Management and Quantitative Methods
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