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Reprint & Page Costs Funding

Faculty Publications / Exhibits Support

The Graduate School has established a fund for the purpose of assisting faculty in:

  1. Obtaining reprints of their publications
  2. For assisting in page publication costs. A maximum of $100 per faculty member will be allowed for a given year until the funds are depleted.

This maximum is utilized as a means of making these funds available to as many faculty members as possible. However, faculty members who have costs beyond $100 are encouraged to submit their requests for consideration. Assessment of the status of the funds will be made and the request may be honored, if funds permit.

Policies & Submission Guidelines

  1. Faculty may pay their own costs and request reimbursement but must provide this office with documentation of payment, or may request that the publisher or gallery be paid directly.
    • "Documentation of payment" is defined as either the receipted invoice or a copy of the invoice and a Xerox copy of the canceled check in payment thereof. If requesting reimbursement, this office will need the social security number of the faculty member.
    • If payment is to be made directly to the publisher or gallery, the invoice should be submitted with the request for direct payment. If the amount due exceeds $100.00, the faculty member should attach payment for the balance to the documentation sent the Graduate School so that the publisher or gallery receives full payment.
  2. The faculty member's request, either hard copy or e-mail, should be routed through their department chairs to the director of the University Research Office. The request memo should contain the title of the article and the name of the journal where it will be or has been published.
  3. Department chair should approve only publications in refereed journals.
  4. If a faculty member anticipates that a request for payment will be made near the end of the fiscal year, it is recommended that the Graduate School office be advised of this so that funds may be encumbered. Expenses incurred in one fiscal year may not be paid with funds from any other fiscal year. Requests should be submitted as early in the fiscal year as possible.
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