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Why Reboot your computer (and automatic reboot days at COB)

"Log Off" vs "Restart" or "Reboot"

Windows reboot selection

When you turn on a computer, it does some self-testing to be sure it is working correctly, then loads the familiar Windows "Operating System" that allows you to run programs like Outlook or PowerPoint. This is called "booting up".  

When you "Log off" or "Log out" of a computer, your session ends, but the Operating System session continues to run. It is not reloaded fresh. 

As your computer runs, its memory gets cluttered and fragmented with all the tasks it's done since booting up. If you shut it down and re-start it, that's "RE-booting".  The result is a clean memory stack with no software session fragments, and your computer runs much better. Microsoft Windows also takes the opportunity to install any security and update patches that have been waiting for the occasion. This is why it's important to restart, or reboot, your computer often. It's a good idea to reboot every couple weeks, and every day is not too often. This is true of all computers.

To restart your computer, click on the Windows button, then the power button, and choose "Restart".  

Rebooting is so important that the College Of Business sends a "Restart" signal about every two weeks to catch our computers that have not been manually restarted. But you should know that your computer will lose any unsaved work when it is signaled to restart. So save your work often! And be sure to log out of your computer on days when automatic reboots are scheduled.

Automatic reboots happen at 2:00am. Here's the automatic reboot schedule for FY-18:

Month Day Comments


September 17  
October 1  
October 15  
October 29  
November 12  
November 26 Sunday after Thanksgiving
December 10 Sunday before finals
December 24 Christmas Eve  THIS REBOOT CANCELED
January  7  
January  21   
February  18   
March  Day after midterm grades due
March  18   
April  15   
April  29   
May  13   



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