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Working Paper Archive

The following tables list the working papers and the industry white papers by number title and author. The first four digits indicate the year and the number provides a link to the paper's abstract where available. The title links to the paper in PDF or Word format and the author links to the author's homepage. Online education is available to view PowerPoint presentations and lectures from industry professionals and professors.

Working Papers

Working Paper # & Abstract Title of Research Working Paper or Industry White Paper Author(s)
KSWP-2013-003 "The Katie School NextGen Survey: What the Insurance Industry Wants from Higher Education" Nat Pope
KSWP-2013-002  "Extended Warranties and Insurance: Consumer Awareness and Perception" Chiharu Ishida, Peter Kaufman, Frederick W. Langrehr and Nat Pope 
KSWP-2013-001  "The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Property-Casualty Insurer Loss Reserve Estimates" Erich Brandt, Yu-Luen Ma, Nat Pope
         KSWP-2005-003 "When Prices Hardly Matter: Incomplete Insurance Contracts and Markets for Repair Goods" Martin Nell, Andreas Richter, and Jörg Schiller
         KSWP-2005-002 "Executive Stock Option Compensation and Reserve Errors in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry" Mark J. Browne, Yu-Luen Ma, and Ping Wang
         KSWP-2005-001 "When Does Cross-Border Acquisition of Insurance Firms Lead to Value Creation?" B. Elango
"The Affect of Technology and Automation on Workers Compensation Claims Practices" James Jones and Michael R. Williams
         KSWP-2004-009 "Coping with Information Overload in a Sales Environment" Gary L. Hunter
         KSWP-2004-008 "Corporate Governance - Role of the Audit Committee" Deborah L. Lindberg
         KSWP-2004-007 "Terms and Conditions in a Harder Property Market: Coinsurance, Blanket Insurance and More" George Flanigan
         KSWP-2004-006 "Catastrophe Risk Management - Implications of Default Risk and Basis Risk" Andreas Richter
         KSWP-2004-005 "The Interaction of Guarantees, Surplus Distribution, and Asset Allocation in With Profit Life Insurance Policies" Alexander Kling, Andreas Richter, and Jochen Russ
         KSWP-2004-004 "Optimizing Call Center Staffing" Farzaneh Fazel
         KSWP-2004-001 "Catastrophic Events as Threats to Society:Private and Public Risk Management Strategies" Andreas Richter
         KSWP-2003-004 "Capital Market Solutions to Terrorism Risk Coverage: A Feasibility Study" Sylvie Bouriaux and William L. Scott
         KSWP-2003-003 "2003 SITE Benchmarking Study Results" James Jones and Steve Taylor


"An Investigation into the Diversification-Performance Relationship Among Property-Liability Insurers" B. Elango and Yu-Luen Ma
         KSWP-2003-001 "The Fair Value Approach in International Insurance Accounting" Khalid A. Razaki
         KSWP-2002-004 "Evolution of the CGL,Exposure Triggers and Allocation Methods:More Problems Ahead?" Dr. Charles McGuire
         KSABS-2002-002 "The Effect of Host Country Factors on Internationalization of the U.S. Reinsurance Industry" B. Elango
         KSWP-20010830 "An Analysis of Ohio Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Law and Coverage" Gerald F. Deneen and
George Flanigan
         KSWP-20010501 "The Influence of Compensation and Producer Characteristics on Product Recommendation" William R. Cupach and
James M. Carson
         KSWP-20010101 "Enterprise Risk Management: Why Isn't It Catching On?"
Michael R. Williams
and David T. Russell
         KSWP-20001002 "Forty Years of Involuntary Property Insurance Markets in the U.S." George Flanigan
         KSWP-20001001 "Fighting Insurance Fraud in Illinois" Han Bin Kang
         KSWP-20000901 "The Relationship Between Deductibles and Expected Payouts for Insurance Policies" Sharad Chitgopekar

Research Abstract

Research Abstract # Title of Published Research Author(s)
KSABS-2004-002 "Information Overload and the Sales Force" Gary L. Hunter
KSABS-2004-001 "Salespersons' Susceptibility to Information Overload: Scale Development and Validation" Gary L. Hunter and Tonya Vandersnick
KSPR-2004-006 "Insurance Coverage for Environmental Claims" George Flanigan
KSPR-2004-005 "Improving Risk Allocation Through Indexed Cat Bonds" Andreas Richter
KSPR-2004-004 “Exposure Triggers and Allocation Methods: Learning Lessons from Prior Court Rulings” George Flanigan, Kathleen McCullough, and Dr. Charles McGuire
KSPR-2004-003 "The Actuarial Value of Life Insurance Backdating" Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski
KSPR-2004-002 "Pricing Life Insurance: Combining Economic, Financial, and Actuarial Approaches" Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski
KSPR-2004-001 "Occurrence and Claims Made: The Road Behind and the Road Ahead" George Flanigan, Kathleen McCullough, and Dr. Charles McGuire
KSPR-2003-005 "Sovereign Cat Bonds and Infrastructure Project Financing" Andreas Richter
KSPR-2003-004 "Is Life Insurance a Human Capital Derivatives Business" Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski
KSPR-2003-003 "Pension Reform in Poland" Stanislaw Kluza and Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski
KSPR-2003-002 "Emerging Applications of the ResamplingMethods in Actuarial Models" Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski and Grzegorz A. Rempala
KSPR-2003-001 "Assets/liability risks and the nature of financial intermediation" Krzysztof M. Ostaszewski
KSPR-2002-001 “A Perspective on General Liability Insurance and the Pollution Hazard: Exposures and Contract” George Flanigan
Online - 2002 "The Influence of Compensation on Product Recommendations Made by Insurance Agents"  James M. Carson and William R. Cupach
KSPR-2001-001 "The design of liability rules for highly risky activities-Is strict liability superior when risk allocation matters?" Andreas Richter
KSABS-2001-001 "Auto Satisfaction" Han Bin Kang
KSABS-1999-001 "Redlining in Insurance" Han Bin Kang
KSABS-1997-001 "Open Competition" Han Bin Kang

Online Education

Topic Online Education Researcher
Financial Derivatives "Financial Futures and Options" S. J. Chang
Corporate Governance "Corporate Governance Best Practices: Implications for Commercaial Underwriters" Dr. Gail S. Russ and
Dr. Meredith Downes
Ethics "The Enforcement of Ethics" Dr. Charles R. McGuire
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