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Katie School Hall of Fame : Mission, Vision & Goals 


The mission of the Katie School of Insurance Innovation and Leadership Awards and Hall of Fame is to educate and inspire students and other stakeholders of the insurance industry by relating examples of how individual people and insurance organizations have benefited society, and industry, with their actions and deeds. The Innovation and Leadership Awards and Hall of Fame publicly honors individuals and organizations that are doing, or have done, exemplary work in the insurance industry.


Our vision for the Katie School Innovation and Leadership Awards and Hall of Fame is to inspire the creation and perpetuation of next generation insurance leadership through the examples of others.  Our work will bring talented people into the industry by educating the public about the importance and contributions of the industry to society, by creating awareness about risk management and insurance careers and academic programs, and by reinvesting in risk and insurance education and research.

Overall Strategic Goals

  1. Identify and recognize the leadership, civic, community and innovative efforts of people and organizations who work in or with the insurance industry.
  2. Promote the accomplishments of the industry to the key stakeholders.
  3. Educate communities on the career and academic opportunities within the insurance industry.
  4. Invest in attracting, developing, and placing talented people in the insurance industry.
  5. Support efforts that strengthen and develop the global leadership role of the insurance and risk management community.

Fulfilling Our Goals

These goals will be fulfilled by highlighting the accomplishment of the Hall of Fame Laureate and Innovate & Leadership award winners and by investing the funds into students pursuing careers in risk management and insurance.

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