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Insurance Courses

Core Courses

FIL 250: Introduction to Risk and Insurance

Prefaces the nature and handling of risk in personal situations. Fundamental issues of risk management and insurance in property, liability, life and health areas are explored. Principles of the insurance mechanism, marketing, underwriting, rate making and loss adjusting are also covered. 

FIL 350: Property Insurance

This course covers the identification and measurement of direct and indirect property loss exposures, and insurance coverage used to transfer such exposures. The material covered partially prepares students to sit for the CPCU 551 exam. 

FIL 351: Life and Health Insurance

Concentrates on the study of the functions of life and health insurance. Emphasis is on economic security needs, human behaviors and the problems related to premature death. Individual life, health and annuity contracts and social insurance are examined in depth. Computer skills are developed using various software. Materials for CLU course HS 323 are used in part.

FIL 352: Liability Insurance

This course covers the identification and measurement of direct and indirect liability loss exposures, and insurance coverages used to transfer such exposures, including laws and concepts of negligence and liability. Some of the CPCU 552 materials are used in the course in order to partially prepare students for the national exams.

FIL 353: Financial Planning (Discontinued after spring of 2010)

Introduces the student to the exciting world of planning his or her financial future. Subjects include how to be "The Millionaire Next Door," as well as how to "Die Broke". The relationships of risk-reward among investments, asset allocation, consumer debt, budgeting, retirement planning, risk tolerance, life insurance and annuities (and other lines of personal insurance), and study of popular investment theories contrasted with the Graham-Buffett investment paradigm are taught as well. Teamwork, spreadsheet, and communication skills are used and developed extensively.

FIL 354: Risk Management

An analysis of the risk faced by the business enterprise and the study of the various methods of handling these risks, including risk prevention, risk retention, self-insurance and corporate insurance programs are presented in this course

FIL 355: Insurance Company Operations

An insight into insurance company functions and operations, including underwriting claims handling, ratemaking, reinsurance, investments, and loss control. Selected topics, such as new developments in insurance and a particular course study toward a professional designation, are also covered. Formerly FIL 382.02.

FIL 382: Sustainability, Risk Management, & Insurance

This course examines overarching risks, their interconnections, and common causes. This course is designed to view risks from a high, strategic level perspective. This course will help both business students and practitioners to understand how these risks affect the enterprise wide risks of firms, and public policy students and practitioners who are interested in understanding how society is affected by these risks and how business sustainability practices can help mitigate these risks.

FIL 398.10: Professional Practice: Insurance Internship

Provides on-the-job experience in insurance arranged through the department coordinator and completed under the supervision of an insurance professional.

Suggested Electives

FIL 246: Financial Statement Analysis

Delivers the analysis and interpretation of financial statements from the managers', investors', and creditors' perspectives. The course uses pro forma statements and there is a heavy emphasis on the use of spreadsheets.

FIL 382.05: Analysis of Insurance Companies

An applied course that analyzes various aspects of insurance companies by making use of the SNL database. SNL is one of the most widely used sources of information in the financial services industry which helps analyze individual companies or specific markets.

MKT 234: Personal Selling and Relationship Marketing

Presents personal selling as a professional marketing activity; coverage of effective selling methods with a special focus on the insurance and financial services industry. Application of selling theories to the modern marketing concept. In-class presentations and role playing exercises are typical. Interactive Learning Systems Technology is used in all sections.

MQM 223: Introduction to Small Business

The course encompasses the study of small businesses and owner management. Teaches the student basic knowledge to start up, run, and grow a small business successfully. No credit if taken MQM 225.

MQM 224: Entrepreneurship I

Teaches the student in-depth analysis of business ideas that deal with becoming a more creative and critical thinker. Presents topics of idea generation, idea analysis, breakeven analysis, and the development of feasability study. No credit if taken MQM 225.

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