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Integrated Marketing Communication | Marketing

Course of Study for IMC

The Integrated Marketing Communication faculty have designed the IMC Sequence to allow Marketing Majors to concentrate their coursework in preparation for a career in Integrated Marketing Communication. Students complete the Marketing Major as well as 15 hours of courses that provide valuable skills sets for IMC managers.

Degree offered: B.S. in Marketing students may choose to major with a general Marketing degree or specialize in Integrated Marketing Communication or Professional Sales Sequence.

Integrated Marketing Communication Sequence

  • Required core and non-business courses (44 hours)
  • Required Marketing major courses (9 hours)
  • Required Integrated Marketing Communication sequence and elective courses (15 hours)

The following lists a brief description of the courses offered as part of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Sequence.

  • MKT 233 - Foundations of Integrated Marketing Communication: Provides an introduction to and foundation for integrated marketing communication (IMC). Coverage will include brand strategy, management, measurement, integration of promotional mix tools, secondary research tools for situation analysis as the foundation for IMC planning, creative and media strategy and decision-making, tracking and effectiveness measurement. (Pre-Req for MKT 331, 332 & 333)
  • MKT 331 - Developments in IMC: This class is new each time it runs - the latest cutting edge, emerging media and strategy are explored -- e.g., buzz and viral marketing, the latest digital formats, mobile, social networks, etc.
  • MKT 332 - IMC Creative Strategy and Design: Experience the creative strategy development process within an integrated marketing communication (IMC) framework. Includes detailed coverage and application of elements and principles of creative strategy and design/layout. Using the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign), students custom design logos and layouts as elements of a Creative Brief for an organization.
  • MKT 333 - Integrated Marketing Communication: This course is designed to overview and experience the integrated marketing communication (IMC) planning process. In addition to exploring the IMC planning process, within a marketing strategy framework in class sessions, students experience IMC planning by developing an IMC plan based on a thorough market/situation analysis for clients/organizations.

NOTE: MKT 331 and/or MKT 332 should be taken PRIOR to or at least concurrently with MKT 333. These courses are intended to augment skills sets that are used in MKT 333 - the IMC Sequence capstone, client project class. DO NOT take MKT 333 before MKT 331 or MKT 332.

We strongly recommend that you declare the IMC Sequence by your Junior year. IMC courses will be "major blocked". IMC Sequence students will be added first, followed by MKT majors. You may not get in these courses if you are not declared IMC Sequence.

Other Elective Courses

  • MKT 234 - Personal Selling and Relationship Marketing
  • MKT 339.05 - Seminar in Marketing - e.g., Service Marketing 
  • MKT 398.04 - Professional Practice: Internship / Cooperative Education in Integrated Marketing Communication
  • MKT 245 – Marketing Analytics
  • MKT 236 – Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability
  • MKT 339.13 – Brand Management & Analytics
  • MKT 339.14 – Sport Marketing
  • MKT 339.15 –Digital Marketing
  • COM 178 - Public Relations
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