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Strategic Marketing Sequence

Strategic Marketing Sequence

General Marketing Sequence

Marketing is strategy. Having an overarching vision and plan is critical to the success of any organization or brand. The General Marketing Sequence prepares our students to have a strong understanding of all facets of marketing so they can pursue a wide breadth of marketing opportunities upon graduation. After all, the field of marketing requires a very diverse skill set: identifying the target market, creating a good, service, or idea (Product), distributing your offering (Place), telling your story (Promotion), and quantifying the exchange (Price).

These marketing decisions must be implemented in a way that results in satisfied customers and favorable, long-term relationships with stakeholders in an ever-changing, dynamic environment. Customers and value creation are the core of every successful business. Asking the question, "What else can we do for our customers?" makes marketing a very exciting field.

The General Marketing Sequence is the primary marketing concentration designed for students who choose a broad-based marketing major.


• Discover your personal marketing interests and skills.
• Customize your education in a manner consistent with your own goals.
• Enhance creativity and innovation through interdisciplinary breadth of training.
• Focus on decision-making and critical thinking using market research.
• Develop a strong foundation for marketing management and entrepreneurship.
• Pursue a wide variety of marketing opportunities upon graduation.



Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World by David Epstein

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Kasey GandhamKasey Gandham is the co-founder of Packback.  Packback is an education technology startup that enables professors to improve student curiosity through online discussion powered by A.I., all while making it fun, social, and addicting. Over 250,000 students across the United States use Packback as part of their coursework. Packback is an 80 person team in Chicago [MH1] with investors including Mark Cuban and University Ventures. 

Kasey founded Packback with his three other co-founders in his junior year of college while at Illinois State University, after starting and growing the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi together. He pursued the generalist approach and chose the general marketing sequence to build a broad marketing foundation for starting his business.  

After airing on the ABC-TV show Shark Tank, Packback pivoted away from their initial launch as a textbook company to focus on their current mission of building a more curious generation through facilitating great discussion.




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