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Internship Information For Employers

What are the advantages to hiring MBA students as interns?

There are a number of advantages to hiring MBA students as interns:

  • MBA students possess the advanced knowledge, skills, maturity and analytical abilities to work on a variety of duties, responsibilities and/or special projects with little supervision.
  • Hiring an MBA student to work on special projects will be significantly less expensive to organizations than hiring "consultants" with comparable levels of knowledge and skills.
  • MBA student interns functioning in the role of trained professionals often bring unique and fresh perspectives that organizations can use to improve many everyday business practices.
  • Organizations can use the internship as a probationary period to evaluate whether they would like to offer the MBA intern a full-time position in the future. There is no better way to find out if a person is suitable for the job and the organization than employing the person for a "trial period" by way of an internship.

How do I, as an employer, participate in the program ?

Employers interested in hiring our MBA students as interns should contact the Illinois State University Career Center to list their internship opportunity on Hire-A-Redbird.
  • In addition, they should contact the appropriate internship coordinator to provide information on the opportunity and discuss employer responsibilities during the internship.
  • Applications of students who meet the qualifications specified by the employer will be sent to the company for review.
  • The employer has the discretion to conduct interviews and select one or more students to work as an intern.

When to list Internships:

Internship opportunities are accepted at all times by Hire-A-Redbird and internship coordinators.

However for maximum consideration by MBA students:

  • Summer opportunities should be listed by the beginning of February
  • Fall opportunities by the end of June
  • Spring opportunities by the end of September.
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