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Faculty Research in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship as a discipline interfaces with several topics in Business. Our faculty members frequently publish top academic journals on topics that are centered around entrepreneurship. Such topics include Strategy, innovation, technology, entrepreneurial finance, creativity and so forth. Academic publications in top journals not only foster debate in academia but also make teaching and mentoring more rigorous and relevant. Some of the notable publications include (listed according to topics):

Creativity and Small Business

  • Blake D Mathias, Annelore Huyghe, Casey J Frid, Tera L Galloway. 2018. An identity perspective on coopetition in the craft beer industry. Strategic Management Journal, 39(12): 3086-3115.
  • Kristine Kuhn, Tera Galloway, Maureen Collins-Williams. 2016. Near, far, and online: small business owners’ advice-seeking from peers. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 23(1): 189-206

Corporate Entrepreneurship, Financing, new Markets, SMEs

  • Sahayam, A., Datta, A., Brooks, S. (accepted in 2019). Crowdfunding Success through Social Media: Going beyond Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Context of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Journal of Business Research, TBD.
  • B Elango. 2019. A Bibliometric Analysis of Franchising Research (1988–2017). The Journal of Entrepreneurship.

  • Tera L Galloway, Douglas R Miller, Arvin Sahaym, Jonathan D Arthurs. 2017. Exploring the innovation strategies of young firms: Corporate venture capital and venture capital impact on alliance innovation strategy. Journal of Business Research, 71: 55-65

  •  Datta, A. Sahaym, A., Brooks S .2019. Unpacking the Antecedents of Crowdfunding Campaign’s Success: The Effects of Social Media and Innovation Orientation. Journal of Small Business Management

Innovation, Technology, Patents, Product development:

  • Datta, A. 2016. Antecedents to Radical Innovations: A longitudinal look at Firms in Information Technology Industry by Aggregation of Patents. International Journal of Innovation Management (Imperial College Press). 20(5)
  • Datta, A. 2016. Evaluating the Antecedents of Foundational Innovations: A Longitudinal look at Patents in the IT industry.  International Journal of Innovation Management (Imperial College Press), 20(1):1-29
  • Datta, A., Mukherjee, D., and Jessup, L. 2015.  Understanding Commercialization of Technological Innovations: Taking Stock and Moving Forward. R&D Management, 44 (3): 215-249.
  • Hoang, H., Ener.  H. 2015. Unpacking experience effects in developing novel products for new markets.  Strategic Organization 13(4)
  • Datta, A, and Jessup. L. 2013 Looking beyond the focal industry and existing technologies for radical innovations.  Technovation, 33(10-11): 355-367
  • Joshi, K.D, Chi, L., Datta, A. and Han, S. 2010. Changing the Competitive Landscape: Continuous Innovation through IT-based knowledge Capabilities. Information Systems Research (ISR), 21(3): 472-495.
  • M Simon, B Elango, SM Houghton, S Savelli. 2002. The successful product pioneer: maintaining commitment while adapting to change. Journal of Small Business Management (3): 187-203.

International Management

  • Mukherjee, D., Gaur, A., and Datta, A. 2013 Creating value through offshore outsourcing: A resource management perspective. Journal of International Management (JIM), 19(4): 377-389.
  • Alpay, G., Bodur, M. Ener, H., Talug, C. Comparing board-level governance at MNEs and local firms: lessons from Turkey. Journal of International Management, 11 (1): 67-86

Strategy, Strategic Organization

  • Ener, H. 2018.Do Prior Experiences of Top Executives Enable or Hinder Product Market Entry? Journal of Management Studies.

  • Ener, H. 2018. The unfulfilled promise of biotechnology firms: A top management team-based explanation. Industrial and Corporate Change, 26(5): 887-906.
  • Hoffman, J., Hoelscher, M. and Sherif, K. 2005.  Social capital, knowledge management, and sustained superior performance. Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 9 No. 3, pp. 93-100.

  • Hoffman, J. , Hoelscher, M. and Sorenson, R. 2006. Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage: A Family Capital Theory. Family Business Review, 19: 135-145




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