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2017 StartUp Showcase Winners

1st place 2017

First Place –First Hand Museum | Andrew Frey

First Hand Museum was established as a rentable service available to K-12 teachers around America looking to revolutionize their classroom teaching experience by implementing primary artifacts into their daily lessons. Our collections are categorized into three main categories: History, Science, and Culture. Currently, there are more than 250 museum-grade primary artifacts available for teachers to rent for a 3-5 day period. Teachers are able to check out items that range from a soldier’s canteen from WWII, a soldier’s letter from Vietnam, prehistoric dinosaur fossils, meteorites, cultural pieces from around the world, and much more.                                                                      

All of the ratification in our collection were compiled and carefully tailored specifically for educators to use as hands-on learning tools with their students. Using the white cotton gloves provided for protection, we encourage teachers to touch and explore these historical, scientific, and cultural relics with their students to bring the subjects students are learning in the classroom to life.                                                                

2nd place 2017

Second Place – Prisma Systems | Isaac Dallas, Chris Richards, Jacob Dallas, Kieran Blackermore

Prisma Systems uses automation to streamline product visuals & information (description/details of product, 2D picture, 360 and Augmented /Reality Render). Fundamentally, XSPACE operated in three steps.  First the manufacturer fills out an intuitive form.  This form gives XSPACE all the information it needs to create a product profile under the manufacturer’s account.  Second, the product is scanned and photographed by the manufacturer or sent to a Prisma warehouse to be scanned.  2D photographs and an AR scan are taken at the same time and uploaded to the product profile. Finally, retailers can access the information and purchase the product information for a fraction of what it currently costs. 

The manufacturer always has the ability to change any of the product information once their produce is on XSPACE.  As soon as a change occurs, retailers will be notified so that they can approve the automatic update to their websites.  The process is a one-stop shop, end to end solution for product capture and management.

3rd place 2017

Third Place – My Arena LLC. | Eric Hamlin

My Arena is a lifestyle clothing brand. The meaning behind the brand and the dream is to help motivate and encourage individuals to pursue their own passion and make it their arena.  We do not categorize what the individuals’ “arena” should be, but rather to encourage people to pursue their own passions and dreams in life.  To pursue what ignites their own life “fire.”  Pursuing your passion relentlessly can be unfitting feeling but our goal with My Arena Clothing is to give individuals the correct mindset of pushing through barriers right away when they wear the clothing.  We want them to be inspired by the message behind the brand.  The logo is printed on well-fitting comfortable and lightweight clothing that resembles the lifestyle we want everyone to go out and live.

4th place 2017

Fourth Place – Neighbor | Jeff Gourley

Neighbor is an online, and mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand. Users in the Bloomington-Normal area will be able to find immediate help with everyday tasks such as pick-up/delivery, handyman labor, laundry assistance, home improvement projects, cleaning, yard work/snow removal, and much more. A customer will post a task under specified categories with a description, answer basic questions about the task, and independent contractors, called “neighbors”, are able to bid the price or hourly rate that they are willing to complete the job for.

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