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Consulting & Research

The Professional Sales Institute generates enhanced value for the business community through an extensive offering of business consulting and research services. These services are customized to achieve the specific objectives and needs of the client organization and include topics such as:

  • Voice of the Customer and customer loyalty programs - engagements include comprehensive research assessing competitive comparisons and customer perceptions of organizational performance on the drivers of customers' buying intentions and use this market-based knowledge to develop and execute informed strategies and actions.
  • Marketing management - engagements range from workshops on basic principles to comprehensive advanced programs comprising organizations' core training for managers.
  • Strategic planning - engagements customized to the specific organization focused on strategic, tactical, and agency management. These programs include development of vision focused goals and strategies as well as a framework for achieving desired results and assessing performance outcomes.
  • Customer retention, customer orientation, and organizational culture - these interactive engagements start with the examination of customer needs and expectations along with competitive offerings and then develop a model to guide strategic product development and marketing decisions.
  • Program evaluation and development - evaluation of existing organizational training and development programs in parallel with the planning and development of revised nationwide training programs in client-centered selling, sales force management, and agency business management. 
  • Developing a customer-centric organization - reorganization and deployment of the marketing units of regional and global organizations around Customer Business Units (CBU), developing client-centered strategic marketing programs for each CBU and establishing a competitive intelligence and market research program to support the initiative.
  • Planning & development of educational texts and materials - these engagements range from research based white papers to the conceptualization and authoring of complete course manuals, textbooks and workbooks.
  • Human resource planning - comprehensive programs beginning with needs assessment, evaluating and assessing applicants, developing, motivating and rewarding productive and long-term associates, and developing employees in line with needs of the organization.
  • Consultative/relationship sales training - these engagements have been conducted across a variety of different industries for both new and experienced sales representatives/agents/brokers as well as mid- and upper-level executive development programs.
  • Sales management and leadership training - with an emphasis on the coaching leadership style, these engagements included both analysis and decision making relevant to effectively managing a sales force.


Check out select samples of Professional Sales Institute faculty research, listed below, or read the complete list of recent faculty research.

Example Organizations

Selected organizations for which professional sales institute faculty have conducted consulting and research responsibilities:

  • Caterpillar
  • Center for Performance Improvement and Innovation
  • Center for Values Research
  • Corporate Systems (Amarillo and Chicago)
  • Country Insurance and Financial Services
  • Goodyear
  • Growmark
  • IBM-Canada (Toronto)
  • IBM Global Services (Armonk, NY)
  • Illinois Power
  • InQuisLogic (Stamford, CT)
  • Lloyd’s of London
  • Microsoft (Seattle)
  • Pepsi South
  • Risk and Insurance Management Society (New York)
  • RLI
  • Swire Pacific LTD (Coca Cola bottling for China & Hong Kong)
  • XL Capital (Bermuda)
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