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Executive and Professional Education

The Professional Sales Institute provides basic through advanced sales leadership education and development programs for new and for experienced sales professionals. These programs provide the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in today’s dynamic and highly competitive business environment.

The content elements for each of these education and development programs have been fine-tuned as University undergraduate and graduate courses and have been presented in a variety of formats as professional development programs for different business organizations regionally as well as worldwide. The Professional Insurance Sales Associate (PISA) Program provides an exemplary illustration of an ongoing course offering for industry. This unique program was developed for the Professional Independent Insurance Association of Illinois (PIIAI) and is offered on a continuing basis for new insurance producers.

While each program is specifically customized to meet the specific needs and goals of the client organization, three core offerings, listed below, provide the foundation for these professional development programs.

Trust-Based, Consultative Selling for the Sales Professional

This is a three part program. The first part introduces participants to the principles of trust-based, consultative selling and provides them with interactive role-plays and selling situations to enhance their mastery of the selling concepts. In the second part of the program, participants return to their selling offices where they apply what they have learned in day-to-day selling activities. The third part brings participants back together for sharing and building on field experiences to further advance their consultative selling and customer relationship management abilities.

Principles of Consultative Selling for Non-sales Professionals

Introduces the non-sales business professional to the principles of consultative selling and assists them in mastering the concepts and skills through applied exercises and role plays. This program is ideal for support staff, non-selling members of the sales support team, and other business professionals whose roles include some form of customer contact and who wish to acquire basic competency in selling skills.

Sales Leadership: Building & Managing Your Sales Organization

Consists of topic focused modules on strategic sales management and has been offered in a wide variety of formats designed to meet the needs and objectives of the client companies.

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