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Career opportunities in sales and sales management continue to expand as products and services become more complex and customer expectations continue to increase. More than ever before, customers require the expertise and assistance of professional sales representatives.

Sales students are in high demand, secure very attractive jobs upon graduation and quickly advance into sales leadership positions. In responding to this increasing need, our sales program has a professional as well as practical orientation.

Based in the new, state-of-the-art College of Business, the Institute is recognized as one of the premier resources for university students and sales professionals in the nation and represents a unique partnership between the business sector and higher education.

We invite you to join with us in this unique partnership and take an active role in creating tomorrow's leaders in business.

Corporations and Recruiters

A major function of the Professional Sales Center is to provide multiple points of contact between our sales students and active sales professionals and their companies.  These real-world interactions and experiences in and out of the classroom are central to the Sales Sequence learning experience and provide significant advantages to students as well as the participating companies.


Alumni are a key part of the Professional Sales Institute. In addition to providing support for Institute programs, sales student alumni play a critical and active role in the continuing activities of the Institute. In addition to being role models for current students, our sales graduates also provide career information to students based on their own career achievements, serve as coaches and mentors related to specific courses and projects, and provide points of contact into companies and industries that is invaluable for current students looking to begin their career.

Come and re-join your sales program! Let us know where you are and what you are doing - add your profile to the Alumni section in People Profiles. Your personal profile will be an important source of information for current students who would like to learn more about an industry or perhaps a company for which you have worked; other alumni will find the information useful in learning about friends from school; and business organizations might find your work experience and accomplishments attractive in terms of a position they are looking to fill.

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