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Is it ok if I don’t take BUS 100 during the fall?

Absolutely! If you’re unable to take BUS 100 during the fall semester, you will be able to take it in the spring. We only recommend that you take it during your first year, the semester doesn’t matter.

Where will my classes be located?

As a freshman, you will be taking a variety of courses for your major and your general education curriculum. With that in mind, you won’t really have any courses in the College of Business until Sophomore year. Even though you won’t physically have classes in our building, we still encourage you to utilize our space as much as possible. Have a snack at the Bistro, work in our computer labs, utilize our team rooms, and hang out in the atrium!

How can I get involved with the College of Business my freshman year?

Freshman year is the perfect time to start connecting with our many Registered Student Organizations. You can find information about each of those here: You can also meet and talk with leaders of those groups, at Festival ISU this fall.

As a College of Business major, do I need an internship?

We don’t require internships to complete your major, however, we do encourage them. Companies are looking for hires that have experience, and internships are a great way to gain that critical experience. Not only will an internship eventually help with getting hired, having multiple internships will set you apart even more.

How do get an internship?

Be sure to take advantage of the many recruiting resources that are made available on campus. The College of Business hosts numerous recruiting fairs each year, along with the University Career Center. To help you prepare for those events, the University has a large amount of resources available to assist!

How can I get credit for an internship?

All College of Business majors can utilize an internship for up to 3 credits of major electives. This option is set up for upperclassmen, once you’ve completed required prerequisites. You’ll be able to work with your major advisor along with your assigned internship coordinator, to set this up.

Do I have to dress up for all my courses?

For students majoring in Marketing, there is a Business Casual dress code once you reach your Marketing specific coursework. Other departments do not have this rule, but on occasion, you might be expected to dress up. (ie. For presentations, recruitment events, interviews.)

Can I study abroad in the College of Business?

Absolutely! The College of Business has a number of exchange programs throughout the world for you to choose from. You can look at spring break options, summer options, semester-long options, or even full-year options. Studying abroad is a great experience to list on your resume and will help you stand out even more to prospective employers.

Do I have to take a foreign language in the College of Business?

College of Business majors are Bachelors of Science, which doesn’t not require a foreign language. The only exceptions are our major and minor in International Business. Both of these do have a language requirement.

Can I change my major within the College of Business?

Yes! All of our majors start out with the same Business Core coursework, so it’s very simple to switch between majors. We recommend that work with your advisor to request that change, but you can switch at any time (within the College of Business).

For new freshmen that will be attending Illinois State University this fall, you can still change your major to the College of Business. Just let your Admissions Counselor know!




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