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Registered Student Organizations

A Registered Student Organization is one of the best ways to experience the College of Business. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) help students find their way by providing multitude of opportunities for involvement in the College of Business. You can get involved and stay connected by participating in student activities through a Registered Student Organizations.

Getting involved with an RSO provides hands-on experience that may prepare you for future internships, jobs, and volunteer work.  Additionally, membership in an RSO allows you to make friends with similar interests, refines your organizational skills and time management, give insight about people, and helps to develop responsibility and teamwork.

Visit the list of registered student organizations. View their upcoming events, a list of officers and e-mail addresses, or request information.  Many student groups have open membership, and accept members throughout the school year.

With over 25 registered student organizations within the College of Business, you're sure to find one that meets your interests.

 Accounting Department Student Organizations

Business Teacher Education Student Organizations

Finance, Insurance & Law Department Student Organization

International Business Student Organizations

Marketing Department Student Organizations

Management & Quantitative Methods Department Student Organizations

College of Business Student Organizations

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