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Accounting Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Mentor Expectations and Time Commitment

Our mentors represent a wide variety of accounting careers. Students look to mentors for encouragement, support, and the benefit of their experience. Mentors can help students achieve their goals by responding to questions, providing network connections, and giving feedback on job search skills. Mentors also serve as a resource and take an active role in shaping future Department of Accounting Alumni.

Mentors are asked to:

  • Commit to mentoring one student during the academic year (from October through mid-May)
  • Meet with your student at least once a month (in person, phone or Skype)
  • Commit to being accessible and engaged throughout the relationship (answer emails and/or texts)
  • Provide guidance and support while sharing personal and professional experiences with your student
  • Have at least two years of full-time business experience
  • If available, attend the Kick-Off with your student (date and time to be determined).

There is no expectation that internships or employment opportunities will result from this experience. We make every attempt at matching the students’ career objectives and interests with the mentors’ experiences.


To apply visit here and follow the instructions. Your basic information will be sent to the Accounting Department for review. Matches will be sent to mentors in September. Your profile information is only viewable to program administrators and the student you are matched with.

Student Information

The Accountancy Mentorship Program is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate Accounting majors to develop their professional skills outside of the classroom through the guidance of a professional in the business community. Students participating in this program not only introduce themselves to the professional world, but also represent the Department of Accounting to its Alumni and Friends.

Having a mentor can help you better understand the career development process; help you gain specific knowledge of an industry and/or organization; gain insight into the day-to-day work of a professional accountant; assist you with resume, cover letter and interview techniques; provide advice in taking advantage of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities at Illinois State; help you network with other professionals; provide advice, encouragement and guidance regardless of whether you are considering changing majors or accepting your first job.

Registration for the Accounting Mentorship Program is closed at this time. Please contact Dr. Jay Rich for more information.

Expectations and Time Commitment

Mentors have volunteered their valuable time to help you achieve your career goals. The program commits to providing mentors with engaged students who are willing to learn and take action based on their mentor’s advice. To participate in the program, you must:

  • Attend one of the Mentorship Information Sessions
  • Submit a complete application
  • Attend the Mentorship Kick-Off - Date and time to be determined
  • Initiate regular contact with your mentor via phone, email, texts and/or meetings
  • Be proactive and willing to meet your mentor at least once a month and see the relationship through to its end in late-April
  • Discuss your goals, needs and what you hope to gain from the relationship
  • Act professionally at all times. Return all communications from your mentor in a timely fashion
  • Immediately notify the Department of Accounting Office (SFHB 301) if circumstances require you to stop participating in the program or if you mentor is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities
  • Student Eligibility

Any sophomore, junior or senior (by year in school, not credits) Accounting major may apply for the Mentorship Program, if you:

  • Commit to meeting with your mentor at least once a month either in person or by phone/Skype.
  • Are enthusiastic about the program and the opportunity to develop your networking and communication skills
  • Act in a professional manner and do not assume this program will directly help in obtaining a job or internship