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Centers & Institutes

Centers and Institutes within the College of Business provide opportunities for faculty and students to interact with business and industry, helping the college maintain a pulse on the trends affecting corporate America. Partnerships with our alumni and many business organizations are the key to our success in building our students' futures.

George R. and Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies The George R. and Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies supports many different entrepreneurship programs involving both student consulting and entrepreneurship research.  The Center provides business students an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real world situations. The George R. and Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies was established through a planned gift of the late George and Martha Means.

Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis

Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis Illinois State University’s College of Business has recently implemented an Institute for Financial Planning and Analysis. The mission of the Institute is to promote and cultivate financial-advising experiences for students, and to reach out to business partners working in financial services. “My first task is to continue to develop relationships with employers, alums, and possible scholarship donors,” said Dr.Edgar Norton, Director. “We want to create an Institute Roundtable of professionals who will be engaged and helpful in building our programs and creating opportunities for students.” Norton hopes to secure internships, mentorships, and job shadowing opportunities for students.

International Business Institute

International Business Institute

The International Business Institute (IBI) is the home of all international-related programs and activities in the College of Business. IBI coordinates international opportunities for COB students and faculty to enhance awareness of global aspects of business and develop global strategic thinking.  The BSIB and IB minor allow students to focus on global perspective and skill development.  IBI’s network of international relationships with partner schools enable students to study abroad or complete an International Internship and faculty to network with global colleagues.  IBI hosts international guests and speakers to share their experience and perspectives.

Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management

Katie School of Insurance & Financial Services The Katie School of Insurance & Financial Services (also known as Center for Risk Management and Insurance at Illinois State University) was established in 1991. The Katie School of Insurance & Financial Services provides unique programs and educational services for the insurance industry, insurance educators, and insurance consumers through seminars, instruction, research services, student scholarships, and internships. The Katie School of Insurance & Financial Services supports a premier undergraduate program in Insurance and Risk Management, one of the largest programs in the nation.

Organizational Leadership Institute

Organizationl Leadserhip Institute The primary mission of the Organizational Leadership Institute (OLI) is to enhance the the leadership experiences and personal leadership development of all College of Business majors. The Organizational Leadership Institute works to achieve this mission through a variety of programs and activities designed to maximize student exposure to leadership principles and practices, and increase opportunities for students to more fully develop their own leadership skills.

Professional Sales Institute

Professional Sales Institute The Professional Sales Institute advances the profession of personal selling and sales leadership in the B2B environment for students and business professionals. The Institute is a unique partnership between the business sector and higher education, and is recognized as a premier resource for university students and sales professionals as it is one of fewer than 50 such programs out of over 9,000 colleges and universities throughout the world. Established in 2002, the Professional Sales Institute is an industry source for research and education.
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