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Students walking in front of State Farm Hall of Business building


College of Business Academic Advisement is an essential part of the educational process. Our academic Advisors are professionals who provide resources, guidance, and support to undergraduate students.

As part of the advising experience students will explore, define, and develop an educational plan of action to achieve their academic goals.

Advising questions

  • When should I schedule an appointment?

    Avoid the waiting in line and make an appointment prior to Advanced Registration opening. Advisors are available for long term planning appointments all semester.

  • How can I cancel an appointment?

    Please call us at least 24 hours ahead of your appointment to cancel or you can cancel your appointment online.

  • How do I schedule an appointment?

    Please click on the link for your academic advisor below, to review their availability and schedule an appointment. You will have the option to meet with your advisor in person or via Zoom.

Academic Advisors

The College of Business Academic Advisors focus on creating an environment that promotes student responsibility and successful development of future professionals by:

  • Promoting development and responsibility through active student participation in academic planning.
  • Developing individualized academic plans based on the needs and goals of each student.
  • Assisting in the interpretation of university policy, and curricular requirements.
  • Collaborating in the selection of appropriate courses needed to progress toward graduation.
  • Encouraging student participation in out-of-the-classroom experiences (internships, externships, study abroad, student organizations and leadership activities) to promote personal development and life-long learning.
  • Referring students to appropriate campus resources.
  • George Banks

    George Banks

    Advisor for
    Business Administration (C_G and R-Z)
    Marketing (L-M)

  • Ed Benitez

    Ed Benitez

    Advisement Advisor for
    Business Administration (L-M)
    and Management

  • Danielle Cannon

    Danielle Cannon

    Advisor for Finance (K-O),
    Risk Management & Insurance,
    Business Administration (H-K)

  • Mark Fauble

    Mark Fauble

    Advisement Advisor for
    Finance (A-J)
    Business Information

  • Katelyn McDougall

    Katelyn McDougall

    Advisor for Marketing (A-K),
    and Business Education

  • Olivia Ross

    Olivia Ross

    Advisor for International Business,
    Business Administration (N-Q), Business Administration (A-B), and Accounting (A-H)

  • Kathy Sims

    Kathy Sims

    Advisor for Finance (P-Z),
    Accounting (I-Z)

  • Ginny Smith

    Ginny Smith

    Director of Student Success and Enrollment
    All Prospective COB Students (Internal & External), and
    all minors

  • Jennfer Whitcomb

    Jennifer Whitcomb

    Advisor for Marketing (N-Z),

  • Jennifer Whitcomb

    Diana Woodring

    Office Support Specialist and Academic Advising