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Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management

  • Mission:

    The Katie School supports the insurance and financial services industry by providing talented, well-prepared students for careers in the industry. The Katie School provides a student-centered educational environment to enable students to develop the skills, risk management and insurance knowledge, ethics, technological competency, and attitudes necessary to succeed in the insurance and financial services industry. The Katie School supports lifelong learning for students, faculty, and industry professionals.

  • Vision:

    The Katie School seeks to be the premier undergraduate insurance and risk management program in the nation in the education of future industry leaders through industry involvement, innovative teaching, cutting-edge applied research, and student-centered learning. The Katie School seeks to add value to the industry by providing high quality graduate and professional education. The Katie School has a unique relationship with the insurance industry, non-profit organizations, the College of Business, Illinois State University, and everyone involved with each of these groups. The Katie School supports and is supported by everyone that falls into these categories. Our relationships are unique and productive.

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The Katie School works closely with the industry in the continual development of the insurance program to better prepare individuals beginning careers in insurance.

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Certificate in Business Acumen

The purpose of the Certificate in Leadership and Business Acumen (CLBA) is to provide students with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills and knowledge sought after by industry employers, which they may not be able to attain from a traditional classroom experience. By demonstrating skills and knowledge in three categories, students who complete this certification should be well-suited to enter and excel in the insurance industry. Students who complete an internship in the insurance industry will receive 25 points toward the certificate.

To obtain the CLBA, students must have a 3.0 GPA and earn 100 points across the three categories, with a minimum of 25 points within each category:

  • 1

    An understanding of the technical area of risk management or insurance.

  • 2

    An understanding of the insurance industry and the lessons learned from events such as Hurricane Sandy, the Dodd-Frank Act, and the exponential growth in technology is impacting the industry.

  • 3

    An ability to demonstrate professional skills through communications networking, team building, ethics, and consulting.

To learn more, stop by the Katie School at SFHB 432 to obtain the most recent brochure and apply for the program.

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Hall of Fame

Learn about those who inspire the next generation of industry leaders through the examples of others who exemplify innovation, leadership, and professional excellence.

Advisory Board

Get to know more about the industry leaders who represent national and regional financial and insurance organizations.