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One important aspect of the Katie School educational process is the placement of students in internship experiences. An internship provides work experience relating to the student's career goals and can be beneficial to the student in obtaining permanent employment upon graduation. The internship can serve to enhance the student's commitment to a career field; it might, on the other hand, help the intern to identify certain jobs that he or she would not wish to pursue.

An internship provides experiences and contacts with professionals, helping to increase the self-confidence of the student intern. It is helpful to the student in obtaining employment upon graduation because an intern possesses actual business experience. Recruiters take special interest in students who have had internships - in fact, some recruiters will not even interview applicants who have not had an internship.


Students are able to participate in internships during the fall, spring, summer, and over winter break. Whereas most students are limited during fall and spring semesters to the Central Illinois area, during the summer students are able to participate in programs nationwide or abroad. Students are ordinarily compensated for their employment.

The student is required to complete a minimum of 135 hours over the term with fall and spring semesters covering a 15-week timetable and summer offering 10-12 weeks student availability. Completion of the 135 hours, written evaluations by the supervisor, and a paper submitted by the student constitute the components of the course requirements. Once all are completed, the student receives 3 hours course credit. There is the possibility of earning 6 hours course credit on certain occasions.


Applications for internships-for-credit are available in the Katie School office in 432 State Farm Hall of Business building and located on the right-hand column of this page. Preferred qualifications for student interns may vary from company to company but most employers are interested in students who excel in the classroom, have a sincere interest in pursuing a career in insurance and risk management, have strong communication skills, work well in teams, and have the flexibility to adapt to new ideas and situations.

Visit the available internship opportunities page. A faculty coordinator is available to assist students in internship placements. Other internships in other areas can be located by searching “insurance” at

Internship and Supervisor Agreement

For students who are pursuing and internship in another part of the country and need lodging or transportation costs the Loman Foundation can provide financial aid for students who do internships in the insurance industry.