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James Jones talking on a Hall of Fame event

Katie School Hall Of Fame

The Katie School Hall of Fame was launched to inspire the next generation of industry leaders through the examples of others who exemplify innovation, leadership and professional excellence.

Katie School Hall of Fame

Thursday | October 10, 2024
Four Season Hotel
Chicago, Illinois

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Mission, Vision and Goals

  • Mission

    The mission of the Katie School of Insurance Innovation and Leadership Awards and Hall of Fame is to educate and inspire students and other stakeholders of the insurance industry by relating examples of how individual people and insurance organizations have benefited society, and industry, with their actions and deeds. The Innovation and Leadership Awards and Hall of Fame publicly honors individuals and organizations that are doing, or have done, exemplary work in the insurance industry.

  • Vision

    Our vision for the Katie School Innovation and Leadership Awards and Hall of Fame is to inspire the creation and perpetuation of next generation insurance leadership through the examples of others. Our work will bring talented people into the industry by educating the public about the importance and contributions of the industry to society, by creating awareness about risk management and insurance careers and academic programs, and by reinvesting in risk and insurance education and research.

  • Overall Strategic Goals

    1. Identify and recognize the leadership, civic, community and innovative efforts of people and organizations who work in or with the insurance industry.
    2. Promote the accomplishments of the industry to the key stakeholders.
    3. Educate communities on the career and academic opportunities within the insurance industry.
    4. Invest in attracting, developing, and placing talented people in the insurance industry.
    5. Support efforts that strengthen and develop the global leadership role of the insurance and risk management community.

    Fulfilling Our Goals

    These goals will be fulfilled by highlighting the accomplishment of the Hall of Fame Laureate and Innovate & Leadership award winners and by investing the funds into students pursuing careers in risk management and insurance.

Hall of Fame

This is a person who is well-recognized by industry. This person has (or had) a senior leadership role in an insurance organization and would have a record of important accomplishments and contributions to the industry and society. Each year one Laureate would be chosen to represent the inductees in the Hall of Fame.

The selection of this person in this category will ideally help support all the strategic goals but especially the goal of attracting investment into programs that help attract students into the industry.

Tim Turner is the Katie School Hall of Fame 2024 Laureate.  Tim was chosen as being an exemplary and inspiring leader for the next generation of risk management and insurance leaders.

Katie School Leadership Award

This award goes to an individual in the risk management and insurance field, who has made significant industry contributions, has exceptional lifetime accomplishments, innovation, and has given time and talents to helping develop the next generation of risk management and insurance professionals through specific contributions to the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services. The overarching criteria for selecting this individual are:

  • Social Responsibility

    Individuals who have engaged in humanitarian efforts, community service, civic engagement, and promotion of ethics.

  • Contribution to Industry

    Individuals who have contributed to industry through education, mentoring, promoting diversity, and leadership in professional organizations and trade associations.

  • Professional Accomplishments

    Has performed well in his/her risk management and insurance career. Has been a life-long learner as demonstrated through continued professional education such as CPCU, CLU, and college degree programs.

Meet the 2016 Hall of Fame Leadership Inductee

  • Innovation and Leadership Awards

    Awards organizations, agencies, individuals, and young leaders who possess the qualities of innovation and excellence within the insurance industry.

  • Young Leader Awards

    Awards individual whose activities bring honor and dignity to professionals working in the insurance industry who is under the age of 35.

Hall of Fame Event Funding

The Hall of Fame event supports the Katie School's overall mission of helping to attract and develop top talent for the insurance and risk management community.

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Katie School Testimonials

The Katie School has a unique relationship with the insurance industry, non-profit organizations, the College of Business, Illinois State University, and everyone involved with each of these groups. The Katie School supports and is supported by everyone that falls into these categories. Through the cooperation and collaboration of all of these people, the Katie School provides the opportunity for success. See the difference!