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Research Fellows and Grants

The Katie School of Insurance and Risk Management invites research proposals related to:

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    Managerial Issues Related to Insurance Firms/Insurance Products and Services (e.g. marketing, accounting, finance, operational and strategic issues, etc.)

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  • 3


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    Risk Management (e.g., operational or financial risk, firm risk and sustainability efforts, strategic risk management, enterprise risk management, agricultural risk management, managerial risk, firm risk, captives, catastrophe bonds, insurance-linked securities, etc.).

  • 5

    Emerging Themes/Issues in Insurance and Risk Management (new applications; blockchain applications for insurance, distracted driving; drones; driverless automobiles; climate risk; nanotechnology; cyber risk; food security; rural-urban migration, etc.)

  • 6

    Education and Training of Insurance and Risk Management Professionals

Research Proposal Format

Abstract: The abstract may not exceed 250 words in length and must be written in non-technical language. It should clearly describe the research problem, the methodology to be used, and the expected outcome of the proposed project.

Project Description: The project description may not exceed five (5) single-spaced pages including the bibliography. The description should be written in such a manner that is understandable, recognizing that members of the evaluation committee are not necessarily experts in your field. You should “educate” the evaluators in this and subsequent sections by demonstrating the importance of the project to the discipline and clearly explaining the project. Please avoid overly technical terms and define other terms carefully. The project description has four parts:

  • Research Problem: This section should clearly define the research problem/question to be investigated. A review of the relevant literature, structured to provide a conceptual framework converging upon the topic addressed, should be included in order to explain the significance of the research to be undertaken. The research problem, including hypotheses, research questions, and objectives to be addressed must be clearly stated.
  • Methodology: The methodology to be employed should be described in specific terms and clearly relate to the research problem, objectives, and expected outcome(s).
  • Importance to the Discipline: Describe how this proposed research will make a significant contribution to the field of study. This section may not exceed half of a single-spaced page.
  • Bibliography: The bibliography provides a current list of related works keyed to the project description. The bibliography should be reasonably comprehensive, but not exhaustive.

Expectations and Deliverables:

  1. An executive summary should be written within 2 years (in the format of the college of business).
  2. An academic or industry presentation should also be given.
  3. All research grants should lead to a journal publication within 3 years.

Proposals are due by March 1. Submit your proposal now

Awards for Research and Faculty Development Grants are normally payable in July (the salary portion of the award will be reduced by the state’s portion of the employee’s benefits). Apart from the award, a separate amount can be requested for data from the Katie School.

Research Fellows