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Leadership and Organizational Ethics E-learning Program

Many ethics programs are focused on corporate compliance by lower level employees. This course was developed to fill a need for educating business leaders on how everyday "business decisions" may have ethical implications. Business leaders often assume, wrongly, that only deliberate unethical decisions lead to unethical behavior. However, in most cases the cause of ethical misconduct is related to business decisions with unintended consequences.

These everyday business decisions form organizational norms and values that affect ethical decision-making throughout the organization. This program is designed to bring awareness about the link between everyday business decisions and how ethical reasoning will help leaders make better overall decisions.

The course is comprised of an e-learning module, a series of case studies and an online simulation. This can be delivered 'off the shelf' or we can customize the content and technology to your needs.

This course was developed in partnership between the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services, and Action Learning-LLC.

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