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Related Skills

The skills you learn as a Business Education major prepare you to work in many careers.  You will leave the program ready to work in a diverse and global society.  

You will learn how to think critically to analyze, interpret, explain, and solve problems in your future classrooms or business environments.

As a future educator, you will develop communication skills that allow you to successfully communicate ideas to students and co-workers, regardless of your future career path.

You will be prepared to work with students or colleagues from diverse backgrounds, allowing you to make meaningful contributions to society.

Gratuates of the Business Education major will learn to appreaciate the dynamic field of computer technology.

Being Successful in the Field

Business Education Majors spend time in K-12 classrooms beginning in their second year of study.  This allows the graduate to observe and learn how to become a teacher.  You can also participate in business career internships during the summers to build your business experience.

As a business educator, you can increase your employability by adding teaching endorsements from other academic disciplines.  If being a business professional is your goal, you can increase your marketability by selecting a minor or certificate in other business disciplines.

Related Fields

Graduates of the Business Education major have successful careers in many fields, including becoming lawyers, school principals/superintendents, marketing executives, digital content creators, entrepreneurs, managers, and human resources specialists.  With a business education degree, your options are varied.

Graduate School

Many alumni continue their education, either in the Master of Science in Business Education, earning a Masters of Business Administration, or exploring advanced degrees in education or other professional studies.

Career Industry Liaison

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Kristy Dewall  223 Bone Student Center  (309) 438-2200