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The Professional Practice (Internship) Program offers students the opportunity to integrate classroom kniwledge with a "real world" work experience in accounting. The experience allows students to explore a career path in accounting, career development, mentorship, valuable experience in their field of study, and gain academic credit. All majors in the College of Business offer internship opportunities. In addition, departments in the college provide an internship coordinator that works with students and employers to ensure that the internship experience is meaningful. Each year more than 350 business students participate in internship and professional practice programs with business and government to gain practical work experience related to their academic career.

Internships are arranged between the employer and the students. Students schedule interviews with employers at each others convenience. Many employers come to campus during the fall and spring career fairs for interviews. Other internships can be arranged directly between the students and the employers through personal contacts.

Students are eligible to receive academic credit for qualified internship. If the student chooses to receive academic credit for their internship, they must submit an internship application to the Internship Coordinator for an eligibility determination. If the internship has sufficient academic rigor the student can earn academic credit. Internships require 60 hours of work for each credit hour earned, for a maximum of 6 credit hours. Students typically earn 3 or 6 credit hours for their internship efforts.

Many firms/companies have found participating in our internship program to be a successful way to recruit accounting talent.




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