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Standards for Progress

All students are limited to 27 credit hours of business course work which is strictly enforced by the College through registration restrictions.  Business majors may exceed this limit once they have met Standards for Progress (i.e. continuance) as a business major. Admission to the major does not imply the student will be accepted for continuance once they have completed 60 credit hours.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirements which allow a student to qualify to continue as a business major:

  • Complete, with a minimum grade of C or better, the following tool courses: ACC 131, ACC 132; BUS 100; ECO 101;  ECO 102; MQM 100 (or  ECO/GEO/POS/PSY 138);  MAT 121 or  MAT 145. (NOTE: BE majors must complete MAT 120 or MAT 121 or MAT 144 or MAT 145)
  • Prove computer competency (spreadsheet usage, presentation software, and web page construction) through completion of the following: (ACC 167 & 168; ACC 166 or ITK 150; IAI BUS 902).
  • Earn an overall Illinois State University GPA of 2.50 or higher on at least 12 completed hours.
  • Sixty earned hours of college coursework, at least 12 of which must have been completed at Illinois State University
  • Accountancy and Business Administration majors must earn a minimum B/C grade combination between ACC 131 and 132, including transfer courses
  • Accountancy majors must also earn a minimum B/C grade combination between ACC 230 and 231
  • Business Teacher Education majors must earn a 2.50 cumulative and major GPA for continuance in their major and admission to Professional Education.

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