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Corporations & Recruiters

A major function of the Professional Sales Center is to provide multiple points of contact between our sales students and active sales professionals and their companies. These real-world interactions and experiences in and out of the classroom are central to the Sales Sequence learning experience and provide significant advantages to students as well as the participating companies.

Corporate Partners are highly involved with all aspects of our sales program and participate in a variety of activities. Partners will:

  • Participate in our Sales Career Fairs and programs
  • Offer sales internship opportunities for students
  • Contribute annual funding for the Institute's activities
  • Provide scholarships for sales students
  • Serve as mentors and coaches for sales students
  • Teach classes as Guest Instructors
  • Speak at Institute meetings and Speaker Series Events
  • Offer advice and counsel as active members of our Advisory Board
  • Recruit and hire from our talented pool of sales students

We are extremely proud of our Corporate Partners and encourage you to explore and learn more about each of them.

  • Corporate Partnership Opportunities

    The Professional Sales Institute at Illinois State University offers organizations the opportunity to become active partners with the Institute. Corporate Partners are strategically involved in our programs, interact with students throughout the year and serve on the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board provides counsel to guide our sales program and meets once annually to review the strategic plan, programs and initiatives of the Institute.

    Organizations seeking to establish greater visibility of their companies through class presentations, panel speaker presentations, sales competitions, or mentor opportunities as well as other unique access to the top students in the sales program will benefit from a partnership relationship with the Institute.

    Contact Mike Boehm to learn more about partnership opportunities

  • Partners & Supporters

    We are very proud to feature our Corporate Partners whose support and contributions allow us to develop Illinois State sales students as the sales stars and leaders of tomorrow, to support the sales profession with award winning sales research, and to provide leading edge executive development programs.

    Learn more about each partner