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Professional Development


Developing student potential through superior teaching is the first priority of Illinois State University. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching is a multipurpose, interdisciplinary unit dedicated to the advancement of teaching and student learning.

Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

The center's mission is to serve the entire instructional community at Illinois State, including graduate assistants and those with temporary teaching assignments, other institutions of higher education in Illinois, and the business sector.

At Illinois State, the office advocates and facilitates the enhancement of teaching, with an emphasis on general as well as more focused pedagogies; encourages self-reflection and provides support for individual instructors; and promotes a community of teacher-scholars, wherein views, experiences, and research about the theory and practice of pedagogy are shared. External to Illinois State, the center is committed to promoting an exchange of expertise and information among Illinois State, community colleges, other four year institutions, and the business sector.

The purposes of the teaching center at Illinois State University are:

  • To provide a focal point for members of the instructional community, including graduate assistants and those with temporary teaching assignments, to exchange expertise and challenge one another to new levels of teaching excellence.

  • To be a central location for faculty from community colleges, other educational institutions, and the private business sector to exchange ideas on instruction for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Technology Resources

On-campus resources that provide services to assist faculty and staff in the use of technology

Laboratory for Integrated Learning and Technology (LILT)

The purpose of LILT is to serve the technological needs of the faculty and staff of the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Business. We invite you to come to our lab and see what we have. If we do not have what you need, we have contacts with other units on campus and in the area. LILT was designed to serve a wide variety of purposes.

    • Provide computing resources not available in most departments.
    • Provide help with software and troubleshoot.
    • Help faculty test drive some potential software options for instructional use.
    • Help faculty develop original applications, programs, and publications.
    • Represent the interests of the college at other levels of the University.
    • Help faculty and staff get appropriate assistance from other help units.
    • Help develop policies and programs of benefit to faculty, staff, and students in the colleges.
    • Try to be champions for appropriate use of technologies.
    • Show concern for the instructional environments of our students.
    • Provide computing support for college units that have no other source of support.
    • To constantly try to be on the cutting edge of instructional technology.
    • To constantly try to reinvent ourselves as a helping facility.