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Avimanyu Datta Ph.D.

Director of Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies; Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Masters Business Admin
State Farm Hall of Business - SFH Means Center Suite214A
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Dr. Avimanyu (Avi) Datta is a Professor of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship in the College of Business at Illinois State University. He is also the Director of the I am the Director of George R. and Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Dr. Datta’s teaching interests lie in the intersection of Hi-technology innovations, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship. At Illinois State University, he regularly teaches the undergraduate capstone class in Strategic Management and a Seminar in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. At the graduate of MBA level, Dr. Datta teaches Strategic Management.

Datta’s research interest is deeply rooted in his love for Art, Science, and technology its impact on Management. Specifically, he is interested in uncovering entrepreneurial steps towards the developing and commercialization of radical and breakthrough innovations. His work has been published in top journals like Journal of Business Research (Impact Factor: 5.484), Journal of Small Business Management (Impact Factor: 3.248), Technovation (Impact factor 6.925), Journal of International Management (3.977), R&D Management (Impact Factor: 2.908), Information Systems Research (Impact Factor 6.069), International Journal of Innovation Management (Impact factor 1.55) and the Communication of Association of Information Systems (1.8)

Datta received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from Washington State University in 2011. Before his doctoral education, he worked as an Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan and as a market sizing analyst at Access Markets International (AMI)-Partners. He worked on several consulting and research projects with large IT firms like IBM, HP, SAP, Dell, and AMD. He was regularly cited in business and practitioner magazines like Business Week, Transworld News, Yahoo Business, Network Magazine, CIO, CXO, CRN, DataQuest, and so forth.

In his spare time, Dr. Datta paints and enjoys experimenting in his coffee lab. He is also working on his trilogy "The Time Corrector series". YOu can learn about it at

Current Courses

385.002Organizational Strategy

385.012Organizational Strategy

Teaching Interests & Areas

Innovation, Strategy, Corporate Entrepreneurship

Research Interests & Areas

Strategy, Breakthrough Innovation, Radical Innovation, Foundational innovation Corporate Entrepreneurship

PhD Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Washington State University
Pullman, WA

MS Information Systems

Hawaii Pacific University
Honolulu, HI

BS Computing and Information Systems

University of London
London, UK

University Reearch Grant (URG)

Illinois State University

College of Business Outstanding Researcher Award

Illinois State University

Country Financial Scholar

Illinois State University


George R., and Martha Means Center of Entrepreneurial Studies

Judge at Startup Show case

George R., and Martha Means Center of Entrepreneurial Studies

University Research Grant (URG)

Illinois State University

University Research Grant (URG)

Illinois State University

University Research Grant (URG)

Illinois State University

University Research Initiative Award

Illinois State University

University Research Grant (URG)

Illinois State University

Book, Chapter

Datta, A. Information Technology Capability, Knowledge Assets and Firm Innovation: A Theoretical Framework for Conceptualizing the Role of Information Technology in Firm Innovation.. Strategic Adoption of Technological Innovations. Idea Group Inc. (2013): 69-189.
Datta, A., & Jessup, L. Patent wars: Staying ahead of the curve. Contemporary Perspectives on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy. Information Age (2012): 323-372.
Datta, A., & Jessup, L. Expanding Opportunities in a Shrinking World: A Conceptual Model Explicating the Role of Social Networks and Internet-Based Virtual Environments. Social Entrepreneurship. Virtual Communities: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications. Information Resources Management Association (USA) (2011)
Datta, A. Resource Based View of Information Systems: A Critique. Resourced Based View (RBV): Concepts and Practices. ICFAI University Press (2009): 71-84..
Datta, A., & Ray Chaudhuri, S. Role of Organizational Structure and Culture in Introducing an Effective Knowledge Setup.. Organization Culture: Global Perspectives and Cases.. ICFAI University Press (2005)

Conference Proceeding

Datta, A. A Resource Configuration Perspective to Examine Strategic Renewal: A Study of Movie Franchises. No. Academy of Management Annual Conference Proceedings (2023)
Datta, A., Sahaym, A., & Srivastava, S. Agents of Change and Strategic renewal of Hollywood Movies: How change in core crew, and narrative transformation affects Financial Performance. No. Western Academy of Management (2023)
Datta, A., Karube, M., Tachibana, T., & Miyazawa, Y. Connecting Dots Between Generations: How the Revolutionary Wristwatch “Spring Drive” Was Developed and Commercialized.. No. Strategic Management Society-Annual Conference (2023)
Datta, A., Karube, M., & Tachibana, T. Connecting dots between generations: How the revolutionary wristwatch "Spring Drive" was developed and commercialized. No. EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) (2023)
Datta, A., Karube, M., Tachibana, T., & Miyazawa, Y. Grand Seiko's “Spring Drive”: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity. No. International Workshop on Craft and New Forms of Organizing. Kyoto University, Japan (2023)

Journal Article

Datta, A. and Srivastava., S. (2023). (Re)conceptualizing technological breakthrough innovation: A systematic review of the literature and proposed framework. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. [Impact Factor:12; Ranking:4 (AJG2018), A(ABDC)].
Karube, M., Tachibana, T., Miyzawa, Y., and Datta, A. 2023. Seiko Epson Corporation Hitotsubashi Business Review. Spring 2023; 70 (185); p.153.
Brooks, S., Sahaym, A., Datta, A., and Srivastava., S. (October 14, 2022). Risky Combination: The Role of Managerial Perception of Social media use and Entrepreneurial Orientation on SME Innovation. Management Decision. [Impact Factor: 5.34; Ranking:3 (AJG2018), A(ABDC)]
Sahaym, A, Datta. A, and Brooks, S. (2021) Crowdfunding Success through Social Media: Going beyond Entrepreneurial Orientation in the Context of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Journal of Business Research Impact Factor: 10.969; Ranking:3 (AJG2018), A(ABDC)]
Datta, A. Sahaym, A. and Brooks, S. 2019. Unpacking the Antecedents of Crowdfunding Campaign's Success: The Effects of Social Media and Innovation Orientation. Journal of Small Business Management. 57 (S2) [Impact Factor: 3.461; Ranking:3 (AJG2015), A(ABDC)] doi:


Datta, A. Apple Computers: From Class to Mass?. European Case Clearing House, United Kingdom. Case No. 306-109-1.. European Case Clearing House (2006)
Datta, A. SAP America: Strategic Choices made to move from Global to Mid-tier Markets. European Case Clearing House, United Kingdom. European Case Clearing Hous (2006)