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Ellis Chefor

Assistant Professor
State Farm Hall of Business - SFH 327
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Current Courses

324.001Advanced Professional Selling & Negotiations

234.002Personal Selling And Relationship Marketing

234.004Personal Selling And Relationship Marketing

234.001Personal Selling And Relationship Marketing

234.091Personal Selling And Relationship Marketing

Teaching Interests & Areas

Personal Selling
Relationship Management
Advanced Selling and Negotiations
Digital and Content Marketing

Research Interests & Areas

Sales Performance
Customer Engagement
Big Data Value Propositions
Consumer Freedom and Sovereignty
Mindfulness and Meditation in Sales Organizations

DBA Marketing

Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, Louisiana

MS Engineering and Technology Management

Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, Louisiana

BE Mining and Extractive Metallurgy

Cameroon Christian University

Book, Chapter

Saleh, A., Chefor, E., & Babin, B. (2019). An action-based approach to retail brand engagement. In Predicting trends and building strategies for consumer engagement in retail environments (pp. 27-43). IGI Global.

Journal Article

Lyngdoh, Teidorlang, Ellis Chefor, and Bruno Lussier. "Exploring the influence of supervisor and family work support on salespeople’s engagement and unethical behaviors." Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing ahead-of-print (2022).
Lyngdoh, T., Chefor, E., Hochstein, B., Britton, B. P., & Amyx, D. (2021). A systematic literature review of negative psychological states and behaviors in sales. Journal of Business Research, 122, 518-533.
Obilo, O. O., Chefor, E., & Saleh, A. (2021). Revisiting the consumer brand engagement concept. Journal of Business Research, 126, 634-643.
Bonney, L., Hochstein, B., Christenson, B., & Chefor, E. (2020). Incumbent and non-incumbent salesperson consultation in the pre-decision stage of organizational purchasing. Industrial Marketing Management, 85, 152-166.
Goad, E., Chase, K., Brauer, D., Ellis, A., Chakar, N., Rubago, R., Hochstein, B., & Hansen, J. Orchestration of Value: The Role of Customer Success Managers within Sales Ecosystems. European Journal of Marketing


Revisiting Consumer-Brand Engagement (CBE). Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, Workshop on Research Corroboration. (2019)
Negative Psychological States and Behavior in Sales Research: A Review and Content Analysis of Recent Research. Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference. (2017)

Grants & Contracts

COB University Research Grant (URG) Program. Illinois State University. Illinois State University.