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Dr. Barbara Ribbens

Director, Carson and Iris Varner International Business Institute
Department of Management
State Farm Hall of Business - SFH 315
Office Hours
T and Th 11-12 and by appointment
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Current Courses

340.001Corporate Social Responsibility

349.001Cross-Cultural Behavior in Business

298.001Professional Practice: International Business Internship

398.001Professional Practice: Internship International Business

485.001Advanced Organizational Strategy

485.002Advanced Organizational Strategy

245.099Business Study Abroad: Hanze, Netherlands

287.099Independent Study In International Business

398.001Professional Practice: Internship International Business

Teaching Interests & Areas

MQM 349 Cross Cultural Behavior in Business
MQM 340 Corporate Social Responsibility
IB 346 Strategies in Developing Markets
IB 398 International Business Internships

Research Interests & Areas

International Business
Corporate Governance

PhD Business Administration-Management

University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT


University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY

BS Business Administration

Trinity Christian College
Palos Heights, IL

Book, Chapter

Rands, G., Ribbens, B., & Connolly, D. The Sustainability Coordinator: A Structural Innovation for Managing Sustainability. J.A. Stoner and C. Wankel (EDs), Innovative Approaches to Global Sustainability. Palgrave Press (2008): 230-265.
Rands, G., Ribbens, B., Casagrande, D., & McIlvaine-Newsad, H. Envisioning An Ecologically Sustainable Society: An Ideal Type and an Application. Sanjay Sharma, Mark Starik and Bryan Husted (EDs), Organizations and the Sustainability Mosaic: Crafting Long-Term Ecological and Societal Solutions. Edward Elgar (2007)
Ribbens, B., & Ribbens, E. Searching for Sustainability in The Marshall Islands: Development Dreams Clash With Ecological Reality. W. Wehrmeyer and Y. Mulugetta (EDs), Growing Pains: Environmental Management in Developing Countries. Greenleaf Publishing (1999): 283-295.

Conference Proceeding

Yi, X., Cheng, W., & Ribbens, B. The Spill-Over Effect of Marital Quality on Career Management Self-Efficacy, Enrichment, Conflict, or Both. Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings (2014): 137-142.

Journal Article

Stern, N., Pathak, R., Ribbens, B., Noel, T., & Singh, G. The Influence Of Managerial Self-Regulation On Learning And Business Growth Within An Emerging Economic Context. Asia Pacific Journal of Management (2018)
Yi, X., Fu, L., Ribbens, B., & Cheng, W. Variation in Career and Workplace Attitudes by Generation, Gender, and Culture Differences in Career Perceptions in the United States and China. Employee Relations 37.1 (2015): 66-82.
Ma, Y., Cheng, W., Ribbens, B., & Zhou, J. . Linking Ethical Leadership to Employee Creativity: Knowledge sharing and self-efficacy as mediators. Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal 41.9 (2013): 1409-1420.
Yi, X., Ribbens, B., & Morgan, C. Generational Differences in China: Career Implications. Career Development International 15.6 (2010): 601-620.
Buchholz, A., Ribbens, B., & Houle, I. The Influence of Individual Characteristics on Post-Acquisition CEO Departure. Academy Of Management Journal 46.4 (2003): 506-514.

Technical Report

Newburry, W., Hudgens, D., Kothari, T., Lewin, R., Ribbens, B., Schmidt-King, A., Seeton, A., & Upadhyay, S. Stakeholder Value of IB Education: Perceptions of Deans, Recruiters, Students and Alumni. CUIBE (2023): 73.


Ribbens, B.A. and Leon, M. 2022 Building Student Intercultural Competence Through Personal and Professional Interaction, Poster presented Online at AAC&U Global Learning Conference, Oct 14, 2022
Thinking Bigger: Cultural Intelligence, Building Cultural Fluency. Illinois Business Education Association 2021 Annual Conference. Illinois Business Education Association. (2021)
Hudgens, D, Kothari, T., Lewin, R. Newburry, W, Ribbens, B., Schmidt-King, A. Seeton, A. 2021 Providing Actionable Advice to IB Education Stakeholders in the Post-COVID-19 Era, Academy of International Business, Virtual Conference, June 28 – July 2, 2021.
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How to be Globally Aware to Succeed Locally: The Glocal Female. Peoria Women in Leadership Monthly Meeting. (2016)
American Perspectives on International Business. American Studies Program from Universitat Paderborn. (2015)
Increasing Students' Cultural Competency for the Global and Diverse Society. CTLT Teaching and Learning Symposium. (2015)
. Success Begins with Knowing Oneself. CTLT: A Day of Deep Learning with Ken Bain. (2014)
American Perspectives on International Business. American Studies Program from Universitat Paderborn. (2014)

Grants & Contracts

Collaborative Cross Cultural Learning to Enhance Global Problem Solving Skills. Quality Leadership University. Federal. (2021)