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Horace Melton

Department Chair and Associate Professor
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Teaching Interests & Areas

Marketing Research
New Service Development
Marketing Management

Research Interests & Areas

New Service Development
Marketing Education Innovation

BA Economics

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

PhD Marketing

Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL


Columbia University
New York, NY

Leadership Initiative


2014 Department of Marketing Chairperson Faculty Scholar

COB Marketing Department

Book, Chapter

Taylor, S., Ishida, C., & Melton, H. A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Antecedents of Digital Piracy. Roland Rust and Ming-Hui Huang (EDs), Handbook of Service Marketing Research. Edward Elgar Publishing, Inc. (2014)

Conference Proceeding

Melton, H. Frontline Employee Motivation to Participate in New Service Development: A Conceptual Framework Integrating the Theory of Planned Behavior and Self-Determination Theory. Julian Saint Clair, Alok Kumar, Lucy (Yan) Liu (EDs). 2023 American Marketing Association Summer Academic Conference 34 (2023): 995 - 1006.
Melton, H., & Hartline, M. Frontline Employee Team Consensus, Commitment to Service Quality, and Customer Experience. Keisha Cutright, James Alvarez Mourey, Renana Peres (EDs). 2019 AMA Summer Marketing Educators' Conference 30 (2019): UXO-28 to 32.
Melton, H. Supplier Participation in New Service Development: A Service-Dominant Logic Perspective. Bernard Jaworski and Neil Morgan (EDs). American Marketing Association Educators' Summer Conference 27 (2016): G21 - G25.
Kaufman, P., Langrehr, F., & Melton, H. Building Student Professional Confidence via Conference Calling Experience. Marketing Management Association Fall Conference 2011 (2011): 1 - 6.
Melton, H. Customer and Frontline Employee Influence on New Service Development Outcomes: An Exploratory Study. Decision Sciences Institute Mini-Conference on Service Sciences (2007)

Journal Article

Melton, H., & Hartline, M. Customer and Employee Co-Creation of Radical Service Innovations. Journal Of Services Marketing 29.2 (2015): 112-123.
Melton, H., & Hartline, M. Employee Collaboration, Learning Orientation and New Service Development Performance. Journal of Service Research 16.1 (2013): 67-81.
Kaufman, P., Melton, H., Varner, I., Hoelscher, M., & Schmidt, K. Alternative Approaches for Educating Future Global Marketing Professionals: A Comparison of Foreign Study and Research-intensive Marketing Programs. Journal Of Marketing Education 33.3 (2011): 285-294.
Taylor, S., Goodwin, S., Melton, H., & Hunter, G. An Analysis of the Student Course Engagement Questionnaire (SCEQ) in Large-Section Principles Classes. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching 22.1 (2011): 29-57.
Taylor, S., Hunter, G., Melton, H., & Goodwin, S. Student Engagement and Marketing Classes. Journal Of Marketing Education 33.1 (2011): 73-92.


An Exploratory Study of Student Engagement in Major and Non-Major Coursework. Illinois State University Symposium on Teaching and Learning. (2011)
Building Student Professional Confidence via Conference Call Experience. Marketing Management Association Fall Conference. (2011)
Measuring Individual Course Engagement. Illinois State University Symposium on Teaching and Learning. (2010)