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Joe Johnston

Associate Professor
State Farm Hall of Business - SFH 224
Office Hours
MW 10 am - 12 pm
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Current Courses

336.001Advanced Auditing

336.002Advanced Auditing

452.001Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting

Teaching Interests & Areas


Research Interests & Areas

Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, XBRL, Capital Markets

PhD Accounting

Louisiana State University

Journal Article

Chapple, E., Johnston J., and J. Nowland, 2020, The role of the Company Secretary in facilitating board effectiveness: Reporting and Compliance. Accounting and Finance. 61(S1): 1425-1456.
Johnston, J., Guidry, R., & Trimble, M. Temporal Changes in the Value Relevance of Analysts' Forecasts. Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance 32.2 (2021): 7-21.
Johnston, J. and J. Zhang. 2021. Auditor Style and Financial Reporting Similarity. Journal of Information Systems. 35(1): 79-99.
Johnston, J. and J. Soileau, 2020. Enterprise Risk Management and Accruals Estimation Error. Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics. 16(3): 100209.
Johnston, J., 2020, Extended XBRL Tags and Financial Analysts' Forecast Error and Dispersion. Journal of Information Systems. 34(3): 105-131.


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