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Pui Ying Tong

Assistant Professor
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Current Courses

245.001Introduction To Marketing Analytics

245.002Introduction To Marketing Analytics

310.001Marketing Logistics & Supply Chain Management

232.001Marketing Research


West Virginia University

Journal Article

Tong, P., Yencha, C., & Ishida, C. The Role of Social Norms on Direct-to-Physician Pharmaceutical Marketing Payment Acceptance. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing 41.4 (2022): 336-352.
Brown, J., Crosno, J., & Tong, P. IS THE THEORY OF TRUST AND COMMITMENT IN MARKETING RELATIONSHIPS INCOMPLETE?. Industrial Marketing Management (2019)
Crosno, J., & Tong, P. Just going through the motions? An empirical investigation of control, compliance, and performance in franchisor-franchisee relationships. Journal Of Business Research 92 (2018): 360-373.
Tong, P., & Crosno, J. Are information asymmetry and sharing good, bad, or context dependent? A meta-analytic revie. Industrial Marketing Management 56 (2016): 167-180.
Crosno, J., Dahlstrom, R., Liu, C., & Tong, P. Effectiveness of Contracts in Marketing Exchange Relationships: A Meta-analytic Review. Industrial Marketing Management 92.January 2021: 122-139.


Quantitative anxiety and insights for preparing students for data-driven marketing jobs. Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference. Academy of Marketing Science. (2022)
Returns, Risk, and Control in Inter-organizational Businesses. 2019 AMA Summer Marketing Educators' Conference. (2019)
Advances In B2B Research: Putting a New Twist on Established Theories. American Marketing Association Summer Educators' Conference. (2018)
Contractual Agreements and Their Impact on Suppliers' Compliance with Buyers' Change Requests. 2018 ISBM Biennial Academic Conference. (2018)

Grants & Contracts

Department Chairperson Faculty Scholar Grants. Department of Marketing Illinois State University. Illinois State University. (2021)
New Faculty Startup Support Grant. Illinois State University - Office of Research & Graduate Studies. Illinois State University. (2017)