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Sandeep Jagani

Assistant Professor of Management and Quantitative Methods
Mgmt & Quantitative Methods
State Farm Hall of Business - SFH 217
Office Hours
Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30AM to 12:30PM
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Sandeep Jagani holds a PhD degree in Manufacturing and Technology Management from the University of Toledo. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering and MBA. He is Certified Six-Sigma Green Belt by ASQ. He has worked for six years in manufacturing operations. His articles have been published in International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Internet Banking & Commerce and American Journal of Business.

Current Courses

427.001Operations And Quality Management

427.091Operations And Quality Management

227.006Operations Management

227.008Operations Management

427.001Operations And Quality Management

227.002Operations Management

Teaching Interests & Areas

Operations Management, Quality Management, Simulations, Supply Chain Management

Research Interests & Areas

Sustainable operations, green business and technology management.

PhD Manufacturing and Technology Management

University of Toledo

MBA Marketing, International Business and Finance

University of Toledo

BE Chemical Engineering

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University
Surat, Gujarat, INDIA

Outstanding MBA Faculty Award

College of Business, Illinois State University

University Research Grant

Illinois State University

Conference Proceeding

Jagani, S. (2019) Consequences of Sustainability Orientation in Service Firms. Decision Sciences Institute - Annual Meeting Conference 2019, 2445-2450.

Jagani, S., Kunnathur, A. and Wallace S. (2016) Information Exchange Research Opportunities. Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting Conference 2016

Jagani, S., Wallace, S., & Kunnathur, A. (2016) A Research Framework for Business Sustainability using Information Exchange – A Firm Centric Perspective. Americas Conference of Information Systems 2016

Dismukes, J. P., Miller, L. K., Solocha, A., Jagani, S., & Bers, J. A. (2007, August). Wind energy electrical power generation: industrial life cycle of a radical innovation. In PICMET'07-2007 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering & Technology (pp. 773-785). IEEE.

Jagani, S., Saboori-Deilami, V., and Tarannum, S. (2022), Do sustainability practices impact customers’ attitude towards brand?, Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting Conference 2022

Journal Article

Jagani, S., and Hong P. (2022) "Sustainability orientation, byproduct management and business performance: An empirical investigation." Journal of Cleaner Production, 357, 131707.

Hong, P.C., Hejazi, M.T., Deng, X. and Jagani, S. (2022), "Dynamic market complexity and service value advantage: an empirical investigation of business process management", Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 28 No. 4, pp. 983-1004.

Hong, P., Jagani, S., Kim, J., & Youn, S. H. (2019). "Managing sustainability orientation: An empirical investigation of manufacturing firms". International Journal of Production Economics, 211, 71-81.

Callaway, S. and Jagani, S. (2015), "The impact of banks’ entrepreneurial orientation on strategic control systems", American Journal of Business, Vol. 30 No. 1, pp. 49-71.

Callaway, S., and Jagani, S. (2015). "Strategic context for internet banking: how traditional banks manage e-commerce to build it capabilities and improve performance". The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 20(1), 1-21.


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