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Dr. Tim Trombley

Associate Professor
Finance, Insurance and Law
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Tim Trombley has a PhD from Purdue University. Before getting his PhD, he worked as a financial analyst for a large commercial real estate firm. He also spent time in the amusement park and electricity industries. He previously worked as a professor at San Diego State University. He is married with five young kids who, unfortunately for them, look exactly like him.

Professor Trombley has published in top academic journals such as Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Organization Science, and Journal of Corporate Finance.

Teaching Interests & Areas

Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Financial History

Research Interests & Areas

Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, Corporate Governance, Politics in Finance, Economic History

PhD Finance

Purdue University


University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

BS Mechanical Engineering

Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH


Trombley, T. Fundraising in Venture Capital. The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Private Equity (2023)

Journal Article

Trombley, T., Jones, J., & Trombley, M. Impact of cultural tightness on vaccination rate. Risk Management and Insurance Review 25.3 (2022): 367-389.
Trombley, T., Brincks, S., Haddad, K., & Lotfaliei, B. Capital Budgeting Around the World: A Comprehensive Review. Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting 58 (2020)
Trombley, T., & Lahr, H. Early indicators of fundraising by venture capital firms. Journal Of Corporate Finance 65 (2020)
Trombley, T., Yavuz, M., Ozmel, U., & Gulati, R. The Effect of Interfirm Ties on Performance in Financial Markets. Organization Science (2020)
Trombley, T., Yavuz, M., & Ozmel Yavuz, U. Outside Insiders: Does Access to Information Prior to an IPO Generate a Trading Advantage After the IPO?. Journal Of Financial And Quantitative Analysis 54.1 (2019): 303-334.

Written Case with Instructional Material

Trombley, T., Lotfaliei, B., & Patel, S. Should Marathon Petroleum Split Up?. Ivey Publishing (2020)


How Managerial Capital Gains Taxes Increase Deception: Evidence from Stock Price Crash Risk. Southern Finance Association Annual Meeting. (2023)
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The Cross-Border Buyout Next Door. Financial Management & Accounting Research Conference (FMARC. (2023)
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