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Redbird Career Portfolio

Redbird Career Portfolio

Redbird Career Portfolio Overview

The Redbird Career Portfolio (RCP) is a certificate program designed to allow students to participate in a variety of experiential learning activities beginning in his or her freshman year and continuing through his or her senior year. Students will have an opportunity to earn eight points per year by completing activities designed specifically to address the concerns of recruiters and employers.

Why should students complete RCP?

National surveys reveal that college graduates often lack professionalism skills which prevent them from having a job at the time of graduation. The professionalism skills referred to in these surveys include written and oral communications; personal ethics and social image management; networking; time management; and dining, email and phone etiquette to name a few. In addition, recruiters of college graduates also report that limited professionalism skills keep employees from advancing in their career.

Is this required?

No, completion or participation in RCP is not required by the College of Business. Instead, the program is a way for students not only to set themselves apart by becoming active on campus, but also to show that they have an interest in personal development.

What activities are included?

The breakdown of activities varies by year as the students work their way through the program. They are designed to build on one another, the sophomore year activities being one step more advanced than the freshmen ones, and so on. The basic breakdown is divided between videos, in-person events, educational material, interactions, and written reflections.

What if a student doesn’t complete all of the achievements?

We do our best to work with students to make sure that they have the opportunity to complete all their RCP activities. That said, it’s up to the student to make time to complete the online activities and attend the events. In order to receive the final certificate, all eight achievements must be completed each year, totaling 32 completed by graduation.

What is Suitable? What is MentorCloud? Why do I have to use it?

Suitable and MentorCloud are both online software platforms that we use to help you navigate through the requirements of the Redbird Career Portfolio. Suitable allows us to organize all of the activities involved in RCP in a meaningful way that assists you in completing your achievements on time. MentorCloud is a platform used primarily in the freshmen and senior years to help mentors connect with new students in order to assist them with their transition to campus and to provide advice on teachers, Registered Student Organizations, career paths, and more.

MentorCloud is also now being used to create relationships with juniors and professional mentors. This is a great chance for students to learn from working professionals, see what a day in the life is like in a potential career field, and network. To see the expectations of mentees that interact with professional mentors, please click here.

Here are some helpful videos for navigating these software platforms: 

Suitable Introduction Video:

MentorCloud Introduction Video:

Can students participate if they do not want to complete all of the achievements?

Of course, many of the activities included within RCP are open to all students throughout the University. For that reason, students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as they’d like even if they are not looking to earn the full certificate.

Does “this” experience/event/activity count for credit?

If you have any questions about events or activities that do or don’t count for credit, please contact us. There are some available substitutions for activities that we are happy to work on with you but prefer that you contact us in advance to be certain you will receive credit.

Is this available to transfer students or students who change their major?

The Redbird Career Portfolio has been designed to accommodate transfer students both from other universities and from other ISU programs. Students who transfer into the College of Business will be required to complete the activities that correspond to their year (Example: year two activities for sophomores) along with making up just a few previous activities. This design allows the program to be manageable without loosing the step by step growth.  When logging into Suitable, transfer students will see all of the appropriate requirements on their "achievements" page. Please note: students who transfer out of the College of Business are no longer eligible to participate in the program.

First year activities required (4 total): Using the Career Center, Study Skills Assessment, Personal Ethics, Managing your Reputation

Second year activities required (3 total): Job Search Tools and Techniques, Effective Networking Strategy, Dining Etiquette and Dress for Success

I lost my login info, can’t find my invitation email, can’t find the website, etc.

If you’re having any problems logging in or using the software please contact us at or stop by SFHB 408 between the hours of 9:00 am - 3:00 pm so that we can get things sorted out quickly and you can continue working on your achievements.  

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