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How is a credit-based Internship graded?

Activity Portion of final grade
Mid-term Progress Report 5 percent
Supervisor's (Employer's) Mid-term Evaluation 10 percent
Daily Log 10 percent
Final Report 50 percent
Supervisor's (Employer's) Evaluation 25 percent
Total 100 percent

Where Can I find an internship besides Google and job search engines?

Department of Marketing LinkedIn (private) – one must be invited or request to join

Handshake - if you have yet to have access to Handshake, please access the Handshake page to follow the steps to join and start exploring jobs/internships, events, networking with campus recruiters, employees and fellow students, and researching employers. The employers have been pre-approved by us in almost all cases, meaning they do want to hire ISU students. You can use location-based search by entering your zip code. Be sure to set your profile with your major, graduation dates, and any preferences for jobs and internships so the listing will be customized to you.

Hire-A-Redbird - is the ISU Career Center maintain its own database for internships and jobs.

Subscribe to Internship Email – to begin receiving emails from us as we come across new internships

How can I tell if an internship posting is legitimate?

Online job boards seem like a convenient way to find internship opportunities, but they also make it easy for scammers to get your contact information. Such a situation requires you to be more careful. Below are some signs that should make you leery of a job or internship posting. [Read more...]