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Study Abroad

The College of Business has opportunities to study abroad for a year, a semester, or a summer at partner institutions in United Kingdom, France, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Spain, China, South Korea and Thailand. There are also short term faculty led opportunities to travel.

Where can I study?

The current list of COB sponsored opportunities. Additional partnerships are always under development.

Explore your possibilities

How do I get started?

  • 1. Consider Your Options

    The best place to learn about getting started with study abroad is by visiting our First Steps page to view an informational video and fill out the First Steps Worksheet.

  • 2. Gather Information

    For specific study abroad questions about College of Business programs or more general study abroad information for Business majors/minors contact: Carla Shanley at in the Study Abroad Office.

  • 3. Contact Advisor

    Contact your College of Business Advisor to determine how programs specifically fit with your academic plan of study +

  • 4. Learn More

    For other questions, please contact the College of Business Study Abroad faculty advisor:

To explore program options go to Getting Started which is an overview of Study Abroad. Destinations lists programs offered by country. Each program page gives an overview of the prerequisites, academics, location, program dates, housing, and a link to the host university’s website. This website has the most up to date information about the program qualifications, course offerings, and budgets; as well as upcoming Study Abroad events, scholarships, and deadlines. There are also links to grade conversions and course articulations by country and school.

Why should I study abroad?

Study abroad experiences help students understand the academic lessons related to the economic, political, and cultural issues that influence business practices in the US and across the globe. When you study abroad, you are gaining the experience to be comfortable in a multicultural setting, a skill that employers desire in their employees.