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An internship is an important step in the development of an international business career. We offer two types of international internships: in the United States and abroad.

An international internship will present proof to a potential employer that you have first-hand international experience, that you can adapt to a foreign environment, and that you can function under unfamiliar and uncertain conditions.

Internships can be arranged through:

  • Partner Schools - some schools allow our students into their internship pools for positions in that location
  • Agencies and external contacts - there are some agencies which specialize in particular locations and assist students to find internships
  • One's own contacts - students are encouraged to seek internships through their own networks and on line sources

Internships can be located in an international location or be domestic if a significant part of the work involves international issues such as customs, international logistics, or cross cultural issues.

International internships must be cleared with the VIBI Program Director before the student begins to work or credit may be denied.

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