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The mission of the Organizational Leadership Institute (OLI) is to provide leadership development opportunities for all university stakeholders, including students, alumni, and members of local business community.

Through its student-focused programs, OLI, works to enhance the leadership experiences and personal leadership development of all College of Business majors. Programs and opportunities sponsored by OLI include the Leadership Lunches, the Professional Development Series, the Reading Program in Leadership, and Phi Beta Lambda (Future Business Leaders of America). These programs, along with other activities supported by OLI, are designed maximize student exposure to leadership principles and practices, and increase opportunities for students to more fully develop their own leadership skills.

In addition, through community and corporate programs, OLI works to provide significant leadership development opportunities for members of local communities. These programs include the Leadership Breakfast Series, the Chicago Leadership Program, and the Leadership Certificate Program. The Organizational Leadership Institute can also work directly with local organizations in the development of customized leadership development programs.

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