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Business Themed Living-Learning Community

The Business Themed Living Learning Community (TLLC) is for students pursuing a major or minor in the College of Business.  This community provides a unique atmosphere for residents who share common interests and cultivates an environment that supports personal growth through academic and social programming.  

As a resident of the floor you will receive individual attention from College of Business Faculty and Staff and will be provided the opportunity for academic support, career exploration, and integrated social experiences. Floor programs and activities are geared toward early integration in to your academic program and include opportunities for you to interact with faculty in your chosen field outside the classroom.

  • Business TLLC Location - Hewett Hall 3

  • Faculty Mentors - Ashley Hicks , Assistant to the Dean for Student Services

The community offers many opportunities for academic and social interaction:

  • Exclusive meetings with representatives of College of Business student organizations with opportunities to apply for membership early in their college experience.
  • Scheduled social and academic interactions with College of Business faculty outside of the classroom.
  • High-quality programming to enhance your discovery of the diverse field of Business.
  • Study sessions for Business classes.
  • Opportunities to interact with professionals and alumni who are currently pursuing careers in Business.
  • Social activities that support professional growth, diversity awareness and build camaraderie among the residency. 

Students residing in the Business TLLC must complete the following requirements each semester to be considered a resident in good standing and remain on the floor each semester:

  • Participate in two business-related educational programs each semester.
  • Attend two social programs each semester.
  • Attend one cultural dinner each year.
  • Remain in good judicial standing with Illinois State University.
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