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Business Week | INSPIRE - A Discussion of Diversity


Diversity. You hear it all the time, but what does it really mean? Here is your chance to find out. The Business Week Team is proud to present INSPIRE: A Discussion of Diversity, where attendees will receive the chance to learn what diversity truly is and how it will affect them as they enter the workforce. An expansion of last year’s topic, INSPIRE is open to all students.

Throughout the day, attendees will listen to a kick-off keynote address, attend interactive breakout sessions, and watch a short skit demonstrating issues of diversity. Topics covered throughout the day will allow students to expand their understanding about different diverse groups. Topics include religions, ethnicities, gender, and abilities. Along with the possibility to develop new knowledge on topics such as microaggressions and unconscious bias.

Pre-registration is required for the morning portion for INSPIRE. However, all students are encouraged to attend the Diversity Skit. Proof of attendance for students will be provided at the doors afterwards.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS| Anise Wiley-Little

Anise is an accomplished Senior Executive and Advisory Board Member, with more than 25 years of success across the financial services, human resources, professional services, and management firm industries. Leveraging extensive experience in talent management for educational institutions, she is a valuable asset for financial services, human resources, professional services, and management firms from startup to midsize, seeking assistance with Business operations, business development, turnarounds, change management, strategy assessment and redirection. Her broad areas of expertise include diversity, business operations, building strategy, compensation and talent acquisition. Over the past decade and a half of her career at both Allstate and Kellogg, Anise has played an important role in driving the diversity and inclusion agenda at a national level.

Anise Wiley-LittleThroughout her executive career, Anise has held leadership positions with Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, MEGA-K Enterprises LLC, and Allstate Insurance Company. In her current role as Chief Human Capital and Diversity Officer and lecturer on leadership for Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, she has been responsible for building the HR department and diversity practices from ground up, with the implementation of D&I rivaling any corporate top diversity practice. In a concurrent role as Board Member of MEGA-K Enterprises LLC, she has played an integral role in advising diverse suppliers, businesses and executives on HR strategy, as well as all aspects of diversity, supplier diversity and work life. She also conducts executive coaching and personal strategy development for high level executives. In a prior role as Chief Diversity Officer for Allstate Insurance Company, she proved instrumental in orchestrating Allstate’s enterprise wide diversity business strategies, including supplier diversity certification for all underrepresented categories. She also re-engineered the corporate diversity strategy to focus on profitable diversity and economic inclusion. Anise is also the author of Profitable Diversity: How Economic Inclusion Can Lead to Success, published in 2013. Thanks to her work, supplier diversity at Allstate increased by $32M within six months, with the overall total increasing to $1B.

Anise holds a BS in Political Science, Sociology and minor in Economics from Illinois State University, as well as an MPA in Public Administration focused on Human Resources from the University of Illinois Springfield. She has held board positions with Insight into Diversity Magazine, Corporate Voices for Working Families, and Bright Horizons. Anise is married to Illinois State University alum Brian Little, Head of Human Resources, Zurich North America.

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