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Business Week Transition Seminars

transition seminars

The transition from college to corporate life can be daunting, but with well-directed guidance from experienced professionals, students can achieve success. The topics covered in each seminar were chosen to better prepare students as they enter their prospective industries. Each seminar is constructed to provide unique insights that students would not otherwise gain. To help ease the transition, distinguished College of Business alumni will be returning to campus to share their experiences. The alumni chosen are masters in their specific fields of expertise and will be providing valuable perspectives.

The Transition Seminars are free, however registration is required. Students needing proof of attendance slips will be required to attend two seminars. All seminar options will be repeated during the second session, allowing students to participate in discussions.

Following the last Transition Seminar, there will be a networking reception in the COUNTRY Financial Atrium. The reception will provide students with a great opportunity to individually connect with seminar speakers. Refreshments will also be provided.

Business Casual or Casual Attire is recommended.




  • INTERCULTURAL RELATIONS | SFHB 149 (International Business)  - Thinking globally and acting locally is more than just a slogan. International Business alums will share how their global perspectives affect business and life decision making. Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and embracing short term solutions with long term effects are some examples of how global thinking enriches business decisions.

  • NO DEBT ABOUT IT | SFHB 147 (Personal Finance) - Student loans, car payments, credit card bills, rent; how in the world does a “20-something” person handle all of these expenses while also investing in their future? Financial experts will be able to guide you on how to not only have fun with your money, but also make sure you are prepared for adult life’s payments and investments.

  • LANDING YOUR DREAM JOB | SFHB 368  (Networking) - Networking plays a more critical role today in finding jobs than ever before. With so many different strategies for networking, it is sometimes hard to find the one that works best for you. Listen to and visit with Human Resource professionals as they share their best tips for networking that they have learned from their experiences. You will learn what you can do today to help yourself get in contact with the right people for your future.

  • INCORPORATING DIVERSITY | SFHB 356 (Diversity in the Workplace) - As the professional world continues to shrink via technology and international trade continues to grow, diversity in the workplace is becoming more important than ever before. Having different beliefs, views, and backgrounds represented in your workforce is essential in maintaining a thriving work environment. Engage in topics of diversity and learn about how this topic affects the day-to-day well being of any business.

  • WHAT'S NEXT | SFHB 354 (What to Expect After College) - You’ve just spent four years to earn your degree, Congratulations! But now this new chapter in your life might have you thinking, what’s next? Debunk the mystery. Recent ISU Alumni are here to share their experiences on life after college and give you the inside scoop on what you can expect after getting your degree.

  • HOW TO BUILD A BRAND | SFHB 132 (Entrepreneurship) - You’ve always wanted to create and run your own business, but where do you begin? Learn about the journey of starting your own business. Successful entrepreneurs with successful businesses will share what it takes to build your own personal brand and grow it. Learn about getting funding, making the hard decisions, and adjusting to unforeseen circumstances.

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